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Electric car sales in the UK have risen dramatically in recent years, but for many drivers the question remains: is an electric car right for me?

Our mission is simple: to make the switch to electric as easy as possible.

So whether you’re looking for the most economic model, exploring the cost to charge, or want to know how much you’ll save on insurance – we’ve got the answers.

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Stay up to date on all the latest and upcoming developments in the EV world.

Electric car news

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Looking to buy or lease your next electric car? We've got a review for every major EV on the market.

Electric car reviews

The RAC is leading the way when it comes to supporting drivers in the switch to electric vehicles.

An ever-increasing number of our patrol vans have built-in emergency mobile charging systems capable of giving an out-of-charge electric car enough power to be driven a short distance home or to a working chargepoint, while our All-Wheels-Up recovery system allows our patrols to safely rescue electric cars with no need for a flatbed.

Find out more about the RAC’s electric car breakdown cover.

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