Car Insurance Guides

Buying Car Insurance can be confusing. To help you with your purchasing decision and assist with getting a great deal, read our car insurance guides; providing information on car insurance groups and how where you park your car can affect your premium.

Driving at Night

If you're planning a journey in the dark, read these driving at night tips from RAC Car Insurance to help keep you safe.

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Car Security Tips

Take a look at these car security tips for advice on how to prevent and discourage criminals from targeting your vehicle. Learn more at the RAC today.

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Ultimate Guide to Car Insurance

This guide from the RAC answers all your questions on how car insurance works.

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How To Renew Your Car Insurance

Check out our RAC Drive guide to find out how to renew your car insurance.

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Find out everything you need to know about in-car cameras and how they can assist in the event of an accident.


What is the law on using your mobile phone while driving, and what are the other distractions you should be aware of?


Driving eyesight requirements are there to keep all road users safe. Do you know what they are and do you meet them?


Falling asleep at the wheel is a dangerous problem that can be brought on by general fatigue or serious medical conditions.


Confused about whether you're able to smoke in your vehicle? Read our helpful guide on the topic to find out more.


Find out all you need to know with our helpful car insurance fraud guide.


If you’re a careful driver, should you be paying less for your car insurance? The RAC explain why - and how you can prove that you’re a careful driver.

Laws and Regulations

If you're asking yourself "is my car insured?", find out what you need to do and the consequences of being uninsured here.


Want to report an uninsured car? Even an untaxed car? Find out everything you need to know with our car insurance guide.


There are many types of car insurance fraud, committed by different parties, both knowingly and unwittingly.


Whether a motorist has been caught speeding by the police or speed camera, our Speeding Fines guide will tell you everything you need to know.


Find out all you need to know with our helpful Car Insurance fraud guide.


Find out all you need to know with our helpful car insurance fraud guide.


Learn what to do after a hit-and-run car accident. Read everything you need to know with our Car Insurance accident guide.


Ghost Brokers target unsuspecting drivers, selling them fake car insurance policies; the RAC helps you to spot one and offers guidance on what to do if you become a victim.

Car Insurance Basics

There can be a lot of confusing phrases surrounding car insurance, particularly for drivers buying it for the first time. Find out more with our helpful glossary.


It's important that your cover meets your specific motoring needs. Find out which car insurance policy types suits you best.


What is a No Claims Discount? Find out all you need to know with our helpful guide.


Find out all you need to know with our helpful guide.


We’ve produced a useful guide that explains exactly what comprehensive car insurance is and why it might be the best level of cover for you.


If you have more than one car in your household, multi-car insurance could be a great option - this guide from the RAC explains how it works.


Read everything you need to know with our helpful guide.


We’ve got all the information you need to know about car insurance excess. RAC offers a range of motor insurance policies.


A no claims discount saves money on a car insurance policy but is it worth paying to protect yours? The RAC provides the pros and cons in this guide


If you’re an older driver you should be enjoying lower car insurance prices - to make sure you’re getting the best deal, follow these tips.


If you’re a disabled driver, what options do you have when looking for car insurance? This RAC guide explains everything you need to know.


Car insurance for new and inexperienced drivers is often more expensive - here’s everything you need to know about your first car insurance policy, and how you can bring the cost of it down.


Low mileage drivers who tend to use their car less frequently and drive shorter distances might find they benefit from cheaper car insurance, as the RAC explains.


Pay-by-day car insurance from 1 hour-30 days

Car Insurance Good To Know

Electric cars might help save the planet, they definitely help you save money - don't get caught out by not also saving on your electric car insurance too


If you’re paying out too much and want to know how to save money on your car insurance, the good news is that you can - by following these expert tips from the RAC you might secure a nice discount when it’s time to renew.


Leasing a new car instead of buying outright is an attractive option for many UK motorists, but how does this impact on your car insurance? The RAC explains everything you need to know in this guide.


What Is Advanced Driving? Find out all you need to know with our helpful guide.


Find out all you need to know about insurance policies that permit this and how to stay legal.


Adding a named driver to your car insurance policy allows someone else to use your car - and might save you money too.


Find out what to do if you're hit by an uninsured driver with our car insurance guide.


The make and model of car you drive influence the price of your car insurance policy. This guide explains how car insurance groups work.


Where you park your car overnight can affect your insurance premium. This guide looks at where to park for cheaper car insurance.


Find out more about how to get cheap car insurance with the RAC's guide to help you make an informed choice about the car insurance options available.


If your car is damaged through an act of vandalism, it can leave you footing an expensive bill for repair and losing your no claims discount - unless you have vandalism cover.


It’s easy to get confused about car insurance - but this myth-busting guide from the RAC should help you get your head around some of the common questions.