Latest average petrol and diesel prices from RAC Fuel Watch

19th Nov 2017


123.17 ppl
No change forecast


120.83 ppl
Likely to come down

Super unleaded

131.11 ppl
Likely to come down


57.57 ppl
No change forecast

What is RAC Fuel Watch?

Fuel Watch is the RAC's petrol and diesel price monitoring initiative. We monitor both wholesale and retail fuel prices daily, including those at the UK's supermarkets, to make sure retailers are charging drivers a fair price on the forecourt.

In times of falling wholesale prices, we use this information to call on retailers to pass on savings at the pump. This regularly leads to retailers reducing the price of petrol and diesel, helping to keep the cost of motoring down for everyone. And with over 120m litres of petrol and diesel sold each day in the UK, every penny counts.

To help you understand why you pay what you do when you fill up at the pump, we maintain a set of resources - including regular fuel price reports that explain the price variations, a live chart showing what is happening with the oil price, one of the biggest factors in deciding UK pump prices, plus tips on finding the lowest prices for petrol and diesel.

If you would like more information or have a question, please email the RAC press office.


What is happening with UK fuel prices?

The prices at the top of this page are the latest average petrol, diesel and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) prices across supermarket and independent forecourts in the UK, and are updated daily where data is available. Data is provided without warranty.

Our latest RAC Fuel Watch report, covering October 2017, shows that:

  • Average unleaded petrol prices fell 0.67p to 118.17p per litre
  • Average diesel prices rose 0.59p per litre to 120.8p
  • The price of a barrel of crude oil rose $5.21 to $60.98
  • The sterling/dollar exchange rate averaged $1.32 to £1 in the month

The latest full report can be downloaded below.


Latest UK fuel price reports

Download our fuel price reports to share or print (in PDF format) below. Reports are generally available within a few working days of the start of each new month, covering prices for the previous month.



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