Get RAC emergency breakdown cover today

Stuck with a broken down car? Whether you’re an existing RAC member or not, we’re here to help you.

Find out what to do if you’re already a member below. Or if you’re not covered with us, see how to get instant breakdown cover now.

I'm already a member

If you bought directly from the RAC:

If you'd prefer to speak to a member of the team, call us on 0333 2000 999. Lines are open 24/7.

I’m not a member

Call us on 0330 159 8743 to arrange instant breakdown cover. Do not buy RAC Breakdown Cover online.

If you buy cover online after breaking down, we won’t be able to come out to you.

Already an RAC member?

The quickest way to get help if your car has broken down is to report it online. You can also report if your vehicle has broken down through the myRAC app, as well as planning your route, managing your membership and setting vehicle reminders. Everything you need in one handy place and it’s free to download straight to your phone.

If you'd prefer to speak to a member of the team, call us on 0333 2000 999. Lines open 24/7.

Why choose the RAC?

Whether you’re looking for instant breakdown cover or emergency breakdown support, the RAC is here to help. Here’s why you should choose us:

We have over 125 years’ experience
The RAC is the UK’s most experienced breakdown provider
Repairs done in just 30 minutes on average
From the moment our patrols arrive, you could be back on the road in just 30 minutes
Our patrols fix 4/5 on the spot
RAC patrol drivers can fix many issues on arrival, helping get you back on the road
We carry 500+ parts and tools
This includes a range of batteries and our universal spare wheel – just in case you don’t have a spare

RAC instant breakdown cover can help in almost any situation

Not sure if the RAC can help? See below for some common issues that we can fix to get you back on the road. If you don’t see your issue here, give us a call on 0330 159 8743 and our team will do their best to get help to you.

  • Car not starting: If your car won’t start, we can help. We’ll try to get your car going again and get you moving. If there’s a fault with your car’s starter battery and we can’t recharge it, we can fit a new battery.

    If you’ve broken down at home, the RAC can help*. Either report your breakdown online, or contact us if you’re not a member.

    *At home breakdown cover only available when purchasing Complete cover.

  • Running out of fuel: We can still help if you’ve run out of fuel. If you’re already an RAC member, you’re covered if you run out of fuel as part of your breakdown cover. We'll just charge you for any fuel you need to get going again.

    If you’re not an RAC member, we can still help. Call our team on 0330 159 8743.

  • Tyre punctures: If you break down due to a puncture, we’ll come out to replace your tyre. The cost of new tyres isn’t covered by RAC Breakdown Cover.

    You can also add Tyre Replace to your cover. This means you’ll be covered for the cost of up to 5 new tyres a year.

    You need to have Tyre Replace as an add on to your existing policy prior to breaking down to use this benefit. This is because you can’t use Tyre Replace immediately. You’ll have to wait 7 days after adding it to your cover.

    If you’re not a member and have a tyre puncture, call our team on 0330 159 8743 to see if we can still help.

    If your tyres don’t feel right, it might be time to check your tyre tread.

  • Electric and hybrid car breakdowns: The RAC are number 1 provider for electric car breakdown cover. All RAC breakdown cover policies include hybrid and electric vehicles. If your EV has broken down, simply report your breakdown online.

    If your electric car has run out of charge, our award-winning EV Boost Vans can also give you a 10-mile boost to get you to the nearest charging point.

    If your electric vehicle has broken down without cover, call our team on 0330 159 8743.

    Comparison to AA and Green Flag based on number of RAC rescue vans equipped with 3.5kw+ Electric car charging capability as at February 2023.

  • Accidents and road traffic collisions: Our free accident care^ is included as a member benefit at no additional charge. If you’ve been involved in a road traffic collision, in the UK, the RAC may be able to help with post-accident assistance.

    Call us on 0333 2000 999 from the scene. We can offer advice on whether you can drive the vehicle, and if not, we'll arrange recovery for you and your family. We'll also help you make a claim on your car insurance if necessary, and get you a replacement vehicle, if you need one.

    ^ The RAC will seek to recoup the cost of recovery from your insurer/3rd party insurer. You may be asked to pay if this isn’t possible.

My car is broken down at home, what do I do?

If your car’s broken down at home with no breakdown cover, please call the RAC non-member number on 0330 159 8743. We’ll talk you through your options and help you find the right cover. If you already have cover with us, you can report your breakdown online.

What to do if you're not an RAC member

The RAC can still help – all you need to do is call us on 0330 159 8743 for emergency breakdown cover.

Don’t buy online if you already have a broken down car or vehicle, as we won’t be able to come out to you.

Do you offer emergency breakdown cover for non-members?

The RAC are here to help 24/7, 365 days a year. 

However, if you’re stuck in the live lane of a motorway or dual carriageway and feel you’re in immediate danger, please call 999 first. Your vehicle must also have a valid MOT and road tax for our patrol to come out to you.

      Broken down with no cover?

      Here’s what we can do for you:

      We’ll send help to you today
      Whether you’ve broken down on the road or at home, we’ll try to fix your vehicle there and then. If we can’t, we’ll tow you up to 10 miles. For any further than a 10 mile tow, you’ll need to pay an additional fee.

      Access to member benefits and services
      Once you’re covered, you’ll have access to member discounts on travel, days out and car maintenance. Plus free accident care^ and a free legal advice helpline.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q. Should I call the police?

      If there is nowhere secure for you and any passengers to wait, or you feel unsafe at all, then you should call the police to inform them that you have broken down.

      Q. Is it free to call the emergency number?

      Yes, the emergency services telephones positioned along motorways are free to call. They connect directly to the police, or the Highways Agency.

      Q. Is there a call out charge?

      If you break down without cover, there is a fixed fee for the RAC to attend and support you. And we offer a range of cover types to meet your needs — most without a call out charge.

      Q. Should I attempt to fix the problem myself?

      Some basic faults can be fixed. You may have changed a flat tyre before and, with a spare wheel on board, can do this again yourself. If you feel confident in fixing the problem then you can try – but you must be in a safe position first. If you're in any doubt or don’t feel safe, call the RAC for help.

      Q. Do you give priority to vulnerable people?

      We aim to get to all members as quickly as possible. But when responding to a breakdown, we consider each person's individual circumstances.

      Q. How do I contact RAC customer services?

      To speak to our RAC Customer Services team, please call us on 0330 159 1111.

      Q. How do I know if I have breakdown cover?

      You can get breakdown cover from lots of different places, including:

      • directly from a breakdown provider, such as the RAC

      • with a vehicle purchase

      • with car insurance, travel insurance or bank account

      If you’re not sure whether you have breakdown cover, it’s worth checking your records before you buy. This includes your emails and hard-copy documents. You can also call a provider to see if you’re covered.

      Q. I have broken down while abroad – can you still help me?

      We can help you at the roadside if your vehicle breaks down in Europe, as long as you’ve bought RAC European Breakdown Cover before your trip. We can help you in France, Spain, Italy, Ireland or any country in Europe.

      Q. How much is instant breakdown cover?

      The cost of instant breakdown cover depends on what kind of cover you need. Please call us on 0330 159 8743 – we’ll be happy talk you through your options.

      Q. If you can’t fix my vehicle, how far will you recover it?

      This depends on the level of cover you have. We can tow you up to 10 miles, or we can tow you an unlimited distance with National Recovery.

      Q. Can I choose who repairs my car after a breakdown?

      If we can’t fix you on the spot, you can choose which garage you go to. Just keep in mind that if you don’t have National Recovery as part of your cover, you’ll be limited to a 10-mile tow. 

      We'll take you to an RAC approved garages or garage of your choice. Please talk to your patrol when they arrive.

      Q. Is it illegal to not have breakdown cover?

      Having breakdown cover isn’t a legal requirement – you won’t be breaking the law if you don’t have it. But if you drive without breakdown cover and you break down far from home, it may be difficult (and expensive) to get help.

      Q. Can you get breakdown cover and use it straight away?

      You can set your breakdown cover to start on the same day you buy it. This means if you buy cover and then break down out on the road later that day, we’ll come rescue you. But if you’ve already broken down, you can’t buy breakdown cover online. Instead, please call 0330 159 8743.

      Some of the other extra features and addons won’t start until a while later. National Recovery and Onward Travel start 24 hours after your main cover starts, and Key Replace, Battery Replace and Tyre Replace start 14 days later.

      Q. Does insurance cover a broken down car?

      Breakdown cover can be included when you buy car insurance, but it can differ depending on your provider. It’s always best to check your policy documents to see if it is included.

      Q. What to do if your car breaks down?

      If you’re currently broken down without cover, call our team on 0333 2000 999. Already a member? Report your breakdown online.

      If you feel like you’re in immediate danger, you should contact the emergency services. Find out more information around what to do if your car has broken down.

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