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Receive the most comprehensive car history report in the UK today. The RAC vehicle history report gives you vital vehicle history information and essential advice from the motoring experts.

  • A complete history check of the car including 10 alerts covering outstanding finance, if it's been stolen, written off or scrapped and any mileage discrepancies
  • Common breakdown reasons by make & model
  • Common MOT failures by make & model
  • Vehicle valuation provided by Glass's
  • Average running costs by make & model
  • A Guarantee of up to £30,000 to cover your car history check data*
  • Vouchers worth up to £55 to spend at RAC Shop with full and multi checks
  • Save £20/£30 on a Thinkware Q800 Dashcam, £5/£10 discount on selected Autoglym products, £5/£10 off personalised tailored car mats and £5 off a premium european driving kit!
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Multi Check
Full Check
Basic Check
Up to £55 to spend at RAC Shop
£55 savings £30 savings
RAC exclusive breakdown data
Finance agreement details
Mileage discrepancies
MOT history
£30,000 data guarantee*
Write-off details
Number of previous owners
Vehicle tax info
If it's recorded as scrapped
Market valuation
Past/Future values
Total cost of ownership
Full plate-change history
Estimated fuel cost
If it's stolen
An insurance write-off
Has outstanding debt