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Free car check

There are several sources that can help identify a car’s history for free but these checks are not as comprehensive as a paid product. Free car checks will not identify whether a car has been stolen, written off or has existing finance which could result in the car being seized from you.

The RAC Vehicle History Check is the most complete check on the market from a brand you can trust, however, we have also collated some free sources to provide you with basic vehicle information.

Free Car History Checks

To identify when a car was last taxed and whether it passed its most-recent MOT, you can use the Vehicle Enquiry service from Gov. This also provides you with a simple vehicle description which will allow you to calculate the tax band of the car.

For a more in-depth free car check regarding a car’s MOT history, Gov offer the Vehicle MOT History check. This will detail the test dates and results, as well as any advisory notice items that you may have not been aware of.

It is also free to check if a car is insured using askMID. This service was initiated to allow motorists who had been in an accident to confirm whether the other parties have insurance. This information is also useful for used car buyers as you can determine whether the car has been declared “off the road” and for how long.

To identify potential faults, the RAC Car Check details common MOT failures as based on the model of the vehicle so you know what to look out for. What Car? advice is also included to provide you with in-depth, impartial knowldge to ensure you are buying a used car that you can trust.

Free car valuation tools

There are other benefits to getting a car check; for example, the RAC Car Check provides a private sale valuation, market valuation and running costs. Not all of this data is available without paying, but RAC Cars does offer a free car valuation to allow you to make certain that you are not paying over the market estimate.

If you want to gauge the fuel economy of your next vehicle, you can use the Fuel Economy Calculator for free. It is worth noting that this is based on a single journey whereas the RAC Car Check collates:

  • UK Vehicle Tax price
  • Fuel consumption figures
  • Average monthly fuel costs

More information to help you buy

Providing you have reasonable cause, it is possible to request information on a vehicle’s registered keeper by contacting the DVLA, though this is available for a small fee. This also enables you to trace vehicle owners suspected of insurance fraud.

You can also access a wealth of helpful information online to help you buy a used car safely. For guidance on buying a used car visit Citizens Advice, but for buying and selling advice, the RAC have issued a buying and selling guide.

Getting an RAC Vehicle History Check is quick to do online – just provide a few details about the car you plan to buy, and you’ll receive the UK’s most comprehensive car data check.

The following vehicles are exempt: imports, 4x4’s, convertibles, write-offs, hybrids, vans, vehicles over 10 years old, vehicles with more than 5 seats, prestige vehicles, 4-wheel drives, LPGs, motorhomes and vehicles with more than 120,000 miles on the clock.

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