Family Breakdown Cover

At the RAC, we know family means everything. That’s why we’ve created our Family Breakdown Cover, for complete peace of mind that the whole family is protected if they break down.

Cover up to 5 people living with you under one cost-saving policy. Adults and kids; partners and housemates, as drivers or passengers in any vehicle. And if you’ve got kids studying away from home, we’ll cover them, too. If any car they’re in breaks down, we’ll come to the rescue.

You’ll also get over £200 worth of exclusive benefits, including a year of FREE Key Replace for everyone on your policy. So you can look after your loved ones for less.

FREE Key Replace for all – worth £42
2 x FREE car health checks – worth £20 each1
2 x FREE MOTs with Complete cover – worth up to £55 each

Can I save money with Family Breakdown Cover?

Yes, Family Breakdown Cover is the most cost-effective way to make sure your loved ones are protected. You’ll save up to £48.50 a month compared to buying individual policies^^.

And with exclusive benefits and discounts for everyone on the policy, it can help you save money beyond breakdown cover.

How Family Breakdown Cover works

  • You can cover up to 5 people with personal cover.
  • Everyone on the policy needs to live at the same address. But if you’ve got kids who’re living away from home while they study, we’ll cover them too.
  • Everyone on the policy will have the same level of cover.

Levels of family breakdown cover

Basic £18.95 a month
  • tick-circle-green.svg
    2 FREE car health checks
  • tick-circle-green.svg

    7 callouts

  • tick-circle-green.svg

    Roadside Assistance

  • tick-circle-green.svg

    FREE Key Replace

Extra £23.50 £16.25 a month
  • tick-circle-green.svg
    2 FREE car health checks
  • tick-circle-green.svg

    7 callouts

  • tick-circle-green.svg
    Roadside Assistance
  • tick-circle-green.svg
    National Recovery
  • tick-circle-green.svg

    FREE Key Replace

Complete £29.50 £19.75 a month
  • tick-circle-green.svg
    2 FREE car health checks
  • tick-circle-green.svg
    Unlimited callouts
  • tick-circle-green.svg
    Roadside Assistance
  • tick-circle-green.svg
    National Recovery
  • tick-circle-green.svg
    At Home
  • tick-circle-green.svg

    FREE Key Replace

  • tick-circle-green.svg

    2 FREE MOTs

    Worth up to £55 each, at selected RAC garages

*New customers only. 33% saving based on Family based Complete cover for 3 people, excludes Basic. Ends 30/11/23, 7am.
Prices above are for family based cover for 3 people.

Family Breakdown Cover add-ons

For even more peace of mind you can add extra cover to your Family Breakdown Cover. We offer the add-ons shown below — just remember that some of these can only be added for 1 vehicle.

Extend your cover
Onward Travel
Can’t do without your car? Get a hire car while yours is in the garage with Onward Travel.
European Rescue
With RAC European Rescue, you’re covered in 48 countries across Europe. So you can have complete peace of mind when driving abroad.
Avoid big bills
Tyre Replace
Puncture? No problem — you're covered for the cost of 5 new tyres a year.
Battery Replace
Get a new battery if we can't recharge yours — saving you £160 on average.
Key Replace
Lost your car keys? We'll replace them, saving you £300 on average.

Enjoy exclusive perks for free

Free legal helpline
Expert legal advice on driving, property, employment and more.
FREE accident care
Expert advice to help you back on the road quickly if you have an accident.2
Everyday discounts
FREE hot drinks, 20% off gym memberships and savings on travel and trips.


Q. Do the RAC offer personal breakdown cover for couples?

Yes, the RAC offers joint breakdown cover, too. It works just like our family cover, so you and your partner can be covered under the same policy (as long as you both live at the same address). Just choose ‘Two of you’ when you buy your cover.

Q. Q. Do we need to live together to get a family policy?

Yes, we only offer family breakdown cover to people living in the same household. You don’t need to be related, but you do need to live at the same address.

Q. Will we be covered if we break down in someone else's car?

Yes, as long as you choose personal breakdown cover. Everyone named on your policy will be covered on a personal basis, so they’ll be covered in eligible vehicles as a driver or passenger.

Q. How many times can we claim on a family policy?

With 'Basic' and 'Extra' cover levels, you'll have 7 callouts per year; with 1 additional callout for every person added. With ‘Complete’, you have unlimited callouts – so you can call us out as many times as you like, as long as it’s not for a recurring problem.

Q. Can I pay monthly for family breakdown cover?

Yes, you can pay for your family breakdown cover on a monthly basis rather than one upfront payment. Just select the option that’s right for you when you get to the payment stage.

Q. Do the breakdown vans have child seats?

Our breakdown patrol vans do not carry child seats. If you break down with children in the car, the RAC would use child seats from your own vehicle.

Q. Are my children covered as learner drivers?

Yes. Learner drivers are covered if the child or children are covered under personal breakdown membership or vehicle-based membership.

RAC Learner Driver Insurance offers flexible short term cover for provisional licence holders. Cover is available from 2 hours to 5 months, so you only pay for what you need.

Q. Can I add motorbikes to my family cover?

Personal breakdown cover covers each individual on your policy.

If you take out personal breakdown cover, each named member included in family cover is covered on any eligible vehicle they drive. Read more about motorbike breakdown cover. The RAC provides the same level of cover to motorbikes as it does for cars.

Q. Am I covered in the event of an accident?

Accident Care is included as a benefit at no additional charge. If you’re in a road traffic accident or collision, we may be able to help with post-accident assistance.

Just call us on 0333 2000 999 and we can help with recovery advice.

We can also seek to recoup the cost of recovery from your insurer/3rd party insurer. You may be asked to pay if this isn’t possible.

Q. What’s the difference between family cover and multi-car cover?

With family cover, everyone on your policy is covered as a driver or passenger in any eligible vehicle they’re in. To get family cover, choose ‘personal cover’ then add as up to 5 people to your policy. Everyone on your policy must live at the same address.

With multi-car cover, every vehicle you choose is covered, no matter who’s driving when it breaks down (they don’t have to be a member of your family). To get multi-car cover, choose ‘vehicle cover’, then add extra vehicles to your policy. All vehicles must be registered to the same address.

Q. Does a family policy cover me in any car?

Yes, as long as you choose ‘personal cover’. Everyone on your family policy will be covered if they break down in any eligible vehicle – as a driver or as a passenger.

Q. Does family cover save you money?

If you need cover for more than one person in your household, including them under one family cover policy is cheaper than buying individual cover for each person.

Q. Will personal breakdown cover my family?

If you only have one personal breakdown policy for yourself, your family won’t be covered when you’re not in the car with them. But it’s easy to get personal cover for members of your family too, as long as they live with you. Just add them as extra people to your personal breakdown cover.

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