Breakdown cover

We fix 4 out of 5 at the roadside

You can call on us 24/7 and we’ll always try to fix you there and then. You’ll be back on the road in just 30 minutes on average. Or if you need to go to the garage, we’ll get you there.

Your mobile mechanics

You’re in safe hands with our skilled mechanics. They use the best tools and technology to find and fix your problem – and have 12 years’ RAC experience under their belt on average.

Zero hidden costs

We won’t charge you a penny for roadside labour and fitting – and that’s a promise. It’s all included in your breakdown cover, so you know where you stand.

Get you to a garage

If we can’t solve your problem at the roadside or at home, we’ll take your car to a garage. And we’ll organise a taxi home for everyone on board.^

Keep you moving

Choose Onward Travel and you’ll keep moving no matter what. You’ll get a hire car, alternative transport or an overnight stay while your car’s out of action.

What our Members say

5 Star UK Breakdown Cover

RAC Roadside, Recovery, At Home and Onward Travel breakdown cover has been awarded a 5 star rating by Defaqto.

Our breakdown patrol will know you're a blue badge holder before they reach you.


Keep your business moving with tailored breakdown assistance for 1 to 100+ vehicles.


The Camping and Caravanning Club's breakdown and recovery scheme provided by RAC.


Punctures, battery problems, non-starts and cut-outs are all covered. We'll even come out if you run out of fuel.


Put the wrong fuel in your car? Don't panic. Call us now for our Fuel Drain Service.


Want to get the most out of your breakdown cover? Check out some of our optional extras here.


If your vehicle breaks down miles away from home, National Recovery cover from the RAC could prove invaluable - find out more here


If your vehicle cannot be fixed at the side of the road, our vehicle recovery service will transport it to either a garage or back to your home address


Get outstanding roadside cover with a wealth of additional extras with the RAC. We fix four out of five vehicles at the side of the road.


The RAC are proud to boast a higher Trustpilot score than their main competitors - read live reviews and feedback on their 5 Star Defaqto rated cover.


Car rescue insurance from the RAC starting from £4.50 a month. Our patrols fix 4 out of 5 cars at the roadside in just 30 minutes on average.


Breakdown cover deals from the RAC. Find the best deals on both personal and vehicle cover, plus any exciting seasonal promotions.

Compare Breakdown Cover

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If you’re searching for the best breakdown cover deal, using a comparison service can really help - here are some useful tips to consider before you start your search.

Driving hints and tips

Find all the information you need to have a better understanding of the different levels of cover that the RAC have on offer


Find the answers to a range of breakdown related question covering both UK, European and Business Breakdown cover


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More information on UK Breakdown Cover

RAC Car Breakdown Cover will get you back on the road. Fast. Our patrols carry over 500 parts and tools to fix 4 out of 5 vehicles at the roadside in just 30 minutes on average. 

The RAC can even come to your rescue if you have an accident†. 

It’s no wonder our top UK cover has been awarded a 5-Star rating by Defaqto again this year.    

UK Breakdown Cover membership starts from just £4.50 a month for vehicle based roadside assistance. Options also include National Recovery, At Home Breakdown Cover and Onward Travel

As well as UK Breakdown Insurance, we also provide European Breakdown Cover to give you peace of mind whilst on holiday.


Already broken down?

If you've currently broken down contact us on 0333 2000 999.
Call us even if you are not a member.

Breakdown FAQs

Breakdown cover provides an excellent level of protection and reassurance when you're driving.

If your car breaks down while you're out on the road - or fails to start at home - breakdown cover can help to fix the problem and get you moving again.

Having this level of cover in place can take away much of the stress of a breakdown - giving you peace of mind that help is at hand if and when you need it.

Q. Why do I need breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover provides peace of mind when you are out on the road. It's very difficult to predict when you might suffer a vehicle breakdown - it can happen on your driveway before you leave for work, or while driving on the motorway en route to the airport. 

What is almost certain is that breakdowns cause frustration, inconvenience and cost - your journey will be interrupted and you will need to pay to rectify any immediate issues. Breakdown cover won't pay for all the repairs but will help you to get your vehicle running again by providing roadside assistance or roadside recovery.


Q. What are the different levels of cover?

There are many different types of breakdown cover available and you should carefully consider your own requirements when you compare breakdown cover. Circumstances are different for all of us and having the correct level of cover for yours will save you a lot of money and worry.

The RAC cover options include:

National Recovery: If we can’t fix your vehicle at the roadside, we'll take you, up to eight passengers, and your vehicle to a destination of your choice anywhere within the UK mainland.

At Home: Means we'll attend to your vehicle even if it breaks down on your drive or within a quarter of a mile from your home address. 

Onward Travel: To minimise the inconvenience of waiting for your car to be fixed in a garage, we can provide a hire car as a means of alternative transport for you and any passengers or the option of overnight accommodation or alternative transport. 

Vehicle RecoveryYou, your passengers and the vehicle will be transported to a destination of your choice if the problem can’t be fixed at the roadside.

Q. What is the RAC response time?

RAC patrols fix four out of five vehicles when they're called out for roadside assistance and within an average of 30 minutes. Our recovery services aim to reach and get you back on the road as quickly as they can.

You can read all the latest feedback on our reviews page.

Q. Do all vehicles or members on a policy have to be at the same address?

Vehicle Breakdown Cover is for the named vehicle at your home, while Personal Breakdown Cover provides cover for one individual unless you add other members who live at the same address as you.  If you have joint or household cover then it covers any named people who live at the address permanently. 

This could include someone who is away studying at university, or someone who is in the armed forces. 

Q. What if I use my vehicle for business?

Business Breakdown Cover is often called Fleet or Commercial Breakdown Cover. This kind of vehicle breakdown cover includes heavy goods vehicles, driving instructors, taxi drivers and other commercial vehicles.

If you use your car for business at any time, then take a look at our RAC Business Cover.

Q. Is roadside assistance included in breakdown cover?

Roadside assistance, also known as Roadside Rescue is breakdown cover that means a mechanic will come out to fix your vehicle at the roadside. It is included as standard in all breakdown policies, but you can also include increased cover to your policy on top.

RAC offers 24/7 breakdown cover; we'll fix your vehicle at the roadside provided you're a quarter of a mile away from your home address. On average our roadside recovery RAC patrols fix four out of five cars within 30 minutes but if your vehicle cannot be fixed at the roadside our Roadside Rescue cover includes a ten-mile tow to a destination you choose.

Q. What is personal breakdown cover?

Personal breakdown cover means you’re covered as a driver or a passenger in any eligible vehicle. Whereas vehicle cover is for the vehicle you specify and will cover anyone authorised to drive this should the vehicle breakdown.

When researching breakdown quotes you'll have the option of comparing breakdown cover on a personal basis or on a vehicle basis.


Q. Is cheap breakdown cover worth it?

When comparing breakdown cover you'll be looking for the cheapest breakdown cover possible - that's understandable. What should be equally important to you is making sure you consider breakdown policies that suit you and your driving lifestyle, and that you're adequately covered in the unfortunate event of breakdowns.

The RAC does offer cheap breakdown cover from just £4.50 a month for vehicle based cover - this includes roadside assistance. You can build up your level of cover by adding other options such as At Home, Onward Travel and Roadside Recovery.

Q. Will you attend if I'm the passenger?

If you have personal-based membership you will be covered for roadside assistance if the vehicle you're travelling in breaks down, regardless of whether or not you are the driver. We also offer joint membership, which covers you and one other named member as a driver or passenger in any car.

Family membership covers you and four named members of your household as a driver or passenger in any vehicle.

Q. Am I charged for callouts with a breakdown policy?

If you already have a breakdown policy in place then you won’t be charged for callouts. Even if you don’t have breakdown cover you can receive roadside recovery or roadside assistance, but there will usually be an emergency callout charge.

The RAC provides this emergency callout service for new customers. If you are an existing RAC member and have taken out one of our UK breakdown policies then you won't be charged. However you will be charged for call outs if you exceed your call out limit.

Q. Will you cover my vehicle?

If you have personal-based membership you will be covered for roadside assistance if the vehicle you're travelling in breaks down. We also offer joint membership, which covers you and one other named member as a driver or passenger in any vehicle. Family membership covers you and four named members of your household as a driver or passenger in any vehicle.

Q. What RAC member benefits are there?
We like to reward our members - as such, RAC Member Benefits provides a range of exclusive offers. These include deals on car hire, airport hotels and parking, hotel stays, tickets for days out and more. When you're comparing breakdown cover don't forget that we offer extra value through these discounts and benefits.
Q. How far will you tow my car?

This depends on which of our breakdown policies you have so bear this is mind when comparing breakdown cover. If you have roadside assistance and we can't fix your vehicle, we will tow it for up to ten miles to either a local garage or a chosen address.

If your policy has the roadside recovery option and it can't be fixed, we'll tow it to anywhere in the UK, providing you breakdown down more than 1/4 mile from your home.

Q. Am I covered in Europe?

If you’re planning to drive in Europe, you’ll need to invest in the support of specialist European Breakdown Cover. Even if you have an existing UK breakdown policy, this won’t cover you when you’re driving abroad. 

RAC offers Single Trip European Breakdown Cover meaning you can rely on us even if your trip is as brief as one day. This type of breakdown policy means you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind and also helps you avoid paying for a full year of cover. 

Q. Do I need vehicle or personal cover?

Vehicle breakdown cover means the vehicle itself is covered rather than the person. Any valid driver of the vehicle can call for help if it breaks down. Personal breakdown policies cover the person rather than a specific vehicle. This means even if you’re a passenger, you’re covered.

What’s important is that you find a policy that suits your requirements. Search for and compare both Personal Breakdown Cover and Vehicle Breakdown Cover with RAC. You can also get a quote to work out what’s best for you and your vehicle.


Q. Is breakdown cover a legal requirement?

While having breakdown cover isn’t a legal requirement, it is vital for your safety and peace of mind as a driver. Ensuring you have cover will save you time, money and a lot of worry in the event of a vehicle breakdown.

RAC offer different levels of cover to suit your personal requirements, so you can build a policy to suit your budget and circumstances.

Q. Who is the best breakdown provider?

Selecting the right breakdown cover for you and your vehicle/s is a big decision. All providers offer something different at varying levels and not all of them may be right for your circumstances. Therefore it’s important for you to compare breakdown policies before you make a purchase.

At RAC we have put together this helpful comparison page for you to compare what we offer with providers such as AA and Green Flag and help make your decision.

The RAC Difference

It's no wonder 92% of our members would recommend RAC breakdown cover to their friends and family.

  1. Our Patrols fix 4 out of 5 cars at the roadside in just 30 minutes on average
  2. All our Patrol vans carry over 500 parts and tools - so we bring the garage to you
  3. Our top UK RAC Breakdown Cover has been awarded a 5-Star rating by Defaqto
  4. We’ll also recover you if you’re involved in an accident
  5. As the UK’s most experienced provider we've been championing motorists for 120 years

Important Information:

^ Up to 20 miles from the garage, payment needs to be made upfront and the RAC will reimburse, terms & conditions apply.

The RAC will seek to recoup the cost of recovery from your insurer/3rd party insurer. You may be asked to pay if this isn’t possible.

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