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Travel Insurance

RAC Travel Insurance offers COVID-19 protection as standard. So, if you need to cancel or get emergency medical treatment due to COVID-19, we’ve got you covered.

Our holiday insurance includes single trip, annual multi-trip, family and medical. We cover you for cancellation, medical expenses, and personal belongings. And there are a range of additional travel cover options including winter sports, cruise, and gadget cover.

Comprehensive travel insurance from a name you can trust

Cancellation cover

Emergency medical expenses and 24/7 helpline

Lost and delayed luggage

Why do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance takes out the worry and expense should anything go wrong with your holiday. For example, if you need urgent medical help, are involved in an accident, lose your passport or have to cancel your holiday at the last minute, travel insurance can help to recover the costs you’d otherwise have to pay out for.

Travel insurance may also cover you on holiday if you fall ill due to an existing medical condition. When you get a quote, you should let us know of any pre-existing conditions you have. If we can cover your condition you may need to pay a little extra for your travel insurance, but you’ll have peace of mind you’ll be covered for treatment abroad if you need it. You should always check the FDCO travel advice for your intended destination before purchasing a policy.

Our travel insurance cover levels

We’ve got three levels of holiday cover available with varying benefits. Choose the right level of travel insurance to suit your trip, so you only pay for what you need.

Orange Cover

Silver Cover

Black Cover

COVID-19 protection

COVID-19 protection

COVID-19 protection

£3,000 cancellation cover

£5,000 cancellation cover

£7,500 cancellation cover

£10m emergency medical & repatriation expenses

£15m emergency medical & repatriation expenses

Unlimited emergency medical & repatriation expenses

£1,250 for personal possessions

£2,000 for personal possessions

£3,000 for personal possessions

£500 hospital benefit

(max £20 per day)

£1,500 hospital benefit

(max £50 per day)

£2,000 hospital benefit

(max £50 per day)

£500 gadget cover

£500 gadget cover

£500 gadget cover

£400 personal money

£500 personal money

£750 personal money

£25,000 legal costs & expenses

£25,000 legal costs & expenses

£25,000 legal costs & expenses

Single, annual and family travel insurance

Choose from different types of travel insurance depending on whether you’re planning single or annual multi-trips for yourself or the whole family, all with COVID-19 protection as standard.

Single trip insurance

Ideal for one off trips from a day up to 90 days. UK and abroad.

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Annual travel insurance

Planning multiple trips? This policy covers you for the whole year.

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Family travel insurance

Want cover for the whole family for a specific trip or annual cover?

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RAC customers save 10%1

If you’ve got RAC Breakdown Cover or RAC Car Insurance, you save 10% on single trip, annual multi-trip or family policies with RAC Travel Insurance. Enter or quote your membership or policy number at the time of purchase and we'll automatically apply your discount.

Travel insurance optional extras

We offer a range of travel insurance optional extras in addition to our single trip, annual multi-trip, and family policies, for winter sports, cruise, gadget.

Winter sports cover

Heading to the snow? Make sure you stay on the slopes

Gadget cover

Protect your favourite devices for that extra peace of mind

Cruise cover

Are you going on a cruise and visiting multiple countries?

We’ll cover you for:

We’ll cover you for:

We’ll cover you for:

ski equipment that is lost, stolen, damaged or delayed

loss, theft, or damage to your gadgets and devices

all scheduled stops on your route

for piste closures, unused lift passes/hire equipment due to illness or injury

unauthorised data usage while overseas

for accommodation if yours is adversely affected by avalanche or landslide.

Find out more about winter sports cover

Find out more about enhanced gadget cover

Simply add cruise cover when buying

Travel advice and information on driving abroad

Map of Europe with pins

Driving post Brexit

Everything you need to know about driving in the EU post Brexit.

16th Dec 2020

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Travel Advice

Get the latest advice and information on travel essentials to help your trip run smoothly.

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Car Hire Excess Insurance

Protect yourself from unexpected costs when hiring a car from £3.99 a day3

Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for below, we have a chat function you can use to ask us a question.

What travel insurance you need depends on what you want to be covered for and who you're travelling with. If you're only planning to travel once in a year, then single trip travel insurance could be more appropriate for you. Single trip policies do cover you to travel to multiple destinations, but you'll need to ensure that you advise us of all destinations when you get a quote.

If you're planning to go on holiday more than once in a year, then annual multi-trip travel insurance could be more cost effective and save you having to take out a new policy each time you travel. You'll also be covered for cancellation from the start date of your annual multi-trip policy, offering you value and peace of mind from the start.

You may want to consider how much your holiday has cost you and whether you've any pre-existing medical conditions that you could potentially need emergency treatment for abroad.

You should ensure that each of the holidays you're planning will be covered by the policy you've selected.

Yes, our single trip and annual multi-trip travel insurance covers holidays in the UK. You're covered for any trip not exceeding the maximum trip length as confirmed in your policy schedule, where you've pre-booked at least two nights' accommodation.

Travel delay isn’t covered for any trips within the UK (except for trips to the Channel Islands).

Provided you've not already started your holiday, RAC Travel Insurance policies will provide you with cover as soon as your purchase has been confirmed.

The benefits, limits, and excesses within your RAC Travel Insurance policy are per person, per claim. Therefore, if you've a couple, family or group travel insurance policy, the limits and excesses will be for each of you individually.

You can find a full list of what our policies offer in our policy wording.

You should ensure that each of the holidays you're planning will be covered by the policy you've selected.

Cruise is covered as standard within our single trip travel insurance policies however you can choose our cruise add-on which will provide additional cover for an extra charge.

Our cruise add-on provides cover for the specific activities and risks associated with cruise holidays such as increased cover for your personal possessions, cover if you're confined to your cabin and missed excursions, or cruise itinerary changes.

As cruise holidays cover many different destinations, please ensure you're covered for each country you'll be visiting. Cruise cover is only available on single trip policies, not annual multi-trip policies.

RAC Travel Insurance comes with Driving Holiday Cover which includes:

Emergency car hire
Camping equipment as well as trailer and caravan contents
Accidental loss, theft, or damage to the contents of your car including food and drink, shopping, and mobility equipment
Emergency overseas vet bills if your pet is holidaying with you

For more details see your policy wording.

If you’re planning on driving in Europe, don’t forget our RAC Car Insurance can cover you for up to 60 days in the EU.

Need breakdown cover too? Our European breakdown cover can provide cover for roadside assistance, garage labour costs, accommodation costs and getting your car back to the UK. Choose from single trip European breakdown cover or annual European breakdown cover.

Also, take a look at our European travel information guide, which will tell you whether you need an International Driving License and how to get one, plus tips on driving in France and the rest of Europe.

You can also purchase European travel kits and accessories via our online RAC Shop.

Will my policy cover me for COVID-19?

Our standard COVID-19 cover is included within all RAC Travel Insurance policies at no extra charge. It provides you with:

  • Cancellation if you've a COVID-19 diagnosis within 14 days of your departure.
  • Emergency medical treatment and repatriation if you contract COVID-19 abroad.
Do I need to have received my COVID-19 vaccine to be covered under your policy?

To be covered by RAC Travel Insurance, you need to have received all doses of the COVID-19 vaccine that you've been offered, including any booster jabs. You'll also be covered if you can't have the vaccine due to a medical exemption. If you've refused any doses of the COVID-19 vaccine or any booster jab, then you won't be covered for COVID-19 related claims.

I have not received my travel insurance documents, what should I do?

If you haven't received an email from us with instructions on how to register for our online customer portal and view your travel insurance documents, please email us at [email protected]. We'll email you your documents within 1 working day. Please note, for data protection reasons, we can only send the documents to the email address provided at point of sale.

I want to cancel my travel insurance policy

You can speak with one of our agents via the 'chat with us' button or email [email protected] to cancel your policy. We'll give you a full refund if you cancel within the 14 days of the receipt of your documentation and you've not started a trip, made, or intend to make a claim.

Please note, for data protection reasons, we can only cancel a policy if the request is made via the same email address used to purchase the policy.

What happens if my medical conditions change after I have purchased a travel insurance policy?

If any of your details change then you'll need to contact us on 0330 159 0405 as soon as possible to update your policy.

If your details have changed and you travel without informing us of the changes then we may be unable to honour any claims which arise.

How do I amend my policy or change/extend my travel dates?

If you want to amend any of your personal details, you can speak with one of our agents via the 'chat with us' button.

If you want to make a change to your travel insurance cover, including changing your dates or extending your trip, please contact our team on 0330 159 0405. Please note, any amendment on your policy may result in a change in premium.

Do your family travel insurance policies cover children over the age of 18?

Our family travel insurance covers up to 2 adults and up to 5 children under the age of 18. If your children are 18 years or over, you may want to consider buying a group annual multi-trip policy. We can only offer this type of policy over the phone, so please call us on 0330 159 0405, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, excluding Bank Holidays.

If I buy a couple, family, or group annual multi-trip policy, can I travel alone?

You can travel alone on all our travel insurance policies if you're 18 years of age and over.

Does RAC Travel Insurance have an age limit?

If you purchase your policy through the RAC Travel Insurance website, we have no upper age limit for single trip policies. For our annual multi-trip cover you must be aged 80 or under at the start of the policy period.

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 named on the insurance policy for the duration of the trip.

Are the benefit limits per person under the policy?

The benefits, limits and excesses within your policy are per person, per claim. Therefore, if you've a family or group policy, the limits and excesses will be for each of you individually.

The airline I am travelling with has cancelled my flight due to staffing issues, am I covered?

When an airline cancels a flight, you're entitled to certain refunds and compensation from the airline.

We ask that before you contact us in relation to costs arising from the recent spate of flight cancellations, that you first directly approach your airline, tour operator or packaged holiday organiser.

If you're unable to get a refund or compensation from any of the above companies and you paid for your trip with a credit card you may also be able to recover your costs through section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act or via a 'chargeback claim'.

How do I make a claim before or after my holiday or when I am abroad?

You can contact us on the following numbers should you need assistance abroad or to make a claim before or after your holiday:

  • Medical emergency assistance (24 hour) +44 (0)1403 289 148
  • If in the USA or Canada call +1 844 780 0663 or if you're in Mexico, please call 00 1 819 780 0662
  • Claims, excluding gadget and financial failure: call 01403 289 151 or email [email protected]
  • Financial failure claims: call 0345 266 1872 or email [email protected]
  • Gadget claims: call 0330 880 1751 or email [email protected]
What is the maximum trip duration I can take?

For annual multi-trip cover the maximum trip duration is 62 days for Orange and Silver cover and 92 days for Black cover. Trips within the UK are covered when you've pre-booked accommodation for a minimum of 2 nights.

For single trip cover, the maximum trip duration 94 days.

Do I need the extra gadget cover to insure my gadgets?

All policies offered via our RAC Travel website provide you with gadget cover as standard. The amount of cover will vary depending on what cover level you purchase. All benefits are per person, per claim.

If you think you'll need additional cover for your gadgets, we offer an optional gadget extension that you can select when you get a quote with us.

Our policy wording will provide you with what cover your policy provides as standard and what our gadget extension cover will increase these limits to.

Can I buy RAC Travel Insurance if I live overseas or if my journey starts from another country?

No, only UK residents who are registered with a UK GP can purchase travel insurance from the RAC. You must purchase travel insurance before leaving the UK, if you purchase a policy after leaving the UK there will be no cover and the policy may be void.

I am pregnant, will I be covered for medical costs?

With RAC Travel Insurance you're covered for bodily injury and illness whilst travelling when pregnant. Please check your transport provider's guidelines before travelling as they may have restrictions.

There is no cover available for medical costs associated with normal pregnancy. This policy is designed to provide cover for unforeseen events, accidents, illnesses and diseases and normal childbirth would not constitute an unforeseen event. Any costs arising from your pregnancy or childbirth, if the expected date of delivery is less than 12 weeks (16 weeks for a multiple birth) after the end of the trip, are excluded.

An activity or sport that I want to take part in on holiday is not covered under your policy, what can I do?

If you want to know more about the activities our travel insurance covers, or if one that you're looking to take part in is not listed within our policy wording, you can speak to one of our agents via the 'chat with us' button or email us [email protected] and we'll see if there's anything we can do.

What activities am I covered for as standard under your policy?

You can find a full list of activities covered within our policy wording.

If an activity or sport that you're looking to take part in is not listed within our policy wording, you can speak with one of our agents via the 'chat with us' button.

Please note, you won't be covered under this policy whilst taking part in winter sports unless you select this cover which will incur an additional premium. Winter sports insurance provides cover for emergency medical treatment caused by your participation in winter sports activities, the delay, loss, theft or damage to your ski equipment, cover for ski pack expenses, piste closure and avalanche closure.