Personal Breakdown Cover

What is personal breakdown cover?

Personal breakdown cover is a type of breakdown cover that applies to a named person, rather than a specific vehicle. With the RAC, you can buy personal cover for up to 5 people living at the same address.

With personal cover, you’ll have breakdown cover in any vehicle – including cars, motorbikes (49cc and over), minibuses and vans. And you’re not just covered as a driver, you’re covered as a passenger too. 

This is different to vehicle breakdown cover, which covers a particular vehicle no matter who is driving when it breaks down. 

For example: 

If you borrow your partner’s car and you break down, personal breakdown cover will cover you. Or if you’re riding pillion on a friend’s motorbike and they don’t have cover, you can still call for help.

What's covered with personal breakdown cover?

Depending on your level of breakdown cover, you might be covered for:

  • Roadside and home rescue
  • 10-mile tow or an unlimited tow

Upgrade to our higher cover levels for unlimited call outs, unlimited tows and alternative transport if your car has to go to the garage for repairs.

Pros and cons of personal breakdown cover

Pros of personal cover:
You’re covered in any vehicle – including cars, motorbikes and vans

There’s no need to buy breakdown cover for every vehicle you drive

If you break down in someone else’s car and they don’t have breakdown cover, you can still call for help

Cons of personal cover:
It usually costs more than vehicle breakdown cover (although it can work out cheaper if you drive more than one vehicle regularly)

If you’re not in a car when it breaks down, it won’t be covered – so if your family are in a car but you’re not, the vehicle won’t be covered

Do I need personal or vehicle breakdown cover?

You can choose breakdown cover that applies to you in any vehicle (personal breakdown cover) or a specific vehicle (vehicle breakdown cover). The right type of cover for you depends on your needs.

Personal breakdown cover is ideal if:
You regularly drive more than 1 vehicle, as you’ll be covered in any vehicle

You want to know that you, and anyone you buy cover for, is covered in any vehicle as a driver or passenger

Vehicle breakdown cover is ideal if:
You only drive 1 vehicle

You share a vehicle with other people in your household –anyone can drive it and it will still be covered if it breaks down.

Can I add additional people to my policy? 

New members

Just choose ‘personal breakdown cover’ and select the number of people you’d like to cover.

Existing members

Let us know how many people you’d like added to your policy.

Just call 0330 159 8454

What’s included in our breakdown cover?

^^Monthly prices on a fixed 18 month plan, for 1 person.

Exclusive to RAC
The longer you stay, the less you pay
18 month plan
Get 50% off.* Our lowest price option. Cancellation fees apply.
12 month plan
Cheaper than a 1 month plan if you stay for a year. Cancellation fees apply.
Rolling monthly
You’ll pay a bit more, but you’re free to cancel at any time with no fees.

*For new, single personal based cover on a fixed 18 month plan. Standard cover from £5.50 a month. Ends 02/12/21, 7am.

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Personal Breakdown Cover - FAQs

Q. Can I pay monthly for personal breakdown cover?

Yes, you can choose to pay for personal breakdown cover on a flexible monthly basis.

Q. Can I get help if the vehicle breaks down at someone's house?

Yes. Whether you have ‘Standard’, 'Advance' or ‘Ultimate’ cover, we’ll come to your rescue if you break down at someone else’s house. We’ll try to fix you there and then, or we’ll tow you to a garage if we can’t.

Q. How many times can I claim on personal breakdown cover?

This depends on the level of cover you choose. With ‘Standard’, you have up to 4 callouts. With ‘Advanced’ and 'Ultimate', you have unlimited callouts – so you can call us out as many times as you like, as long as it’s not for a recurring problem.

Q. Am I covered as a pillion passenger on a motorcycle?

Yes, with Personal Cover you're covered in any vehicle*. RAC breakdown packages give the same level of cover to motorbikes as cars. Please note that motorcycles need to be over 49cc and not be classed as a mobility scooter.

Q. What kind of vehicles are you covered in?

We cover any vehicle* of any age – including cars, hybrid, electric vehicles, motorbikes, cars, hybrids, electric vehicles, motorbikes (49cc and over), campervans and vans.

Your vehicle must weigh less than 3.5 tonnes (3,500 kg) and it can’t be bigger than 6.4 m long and 2.55 m wide (that's roughly the weight and size of a Ford Transit long wheelbase van).

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