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Young & new driver car insurance

RAC offers specialist car insurance options for young and new drivers. As a newly qualified or younger driver, you’re likely to face higher premiums. This guide gives you more information on the different types of young driver car insurance, and how they could help you keep the cost down.

Black box car insurance uses technology that monitors how you drive, so at renewal, if you’ve been driving safely, you could save money on your premium for the following year. Our short-term car insurance policies provide comprehensive cover from as little as 1 hour up to 30 days and can be topped up online. And if you’re still learning to drive, our learner driver insurance allows you to get insured on a friend or family member’s car for as little as a day up to 5 months.

Safer drivers save money
Black Box Car Insurance helps save money by rewarding safe driving

Learner driver insurance
Get cover from a little as one day, up to 5 months

Short term policies
Temporary car insurance to borrow a car from 1 hour up to 30 days

Compare young & new driver car insurance

We offer a few types of young and new driver car insurance that could help you save money.

Temporary car insurance

If you need to borrow a car and aren’t covered by an existing policy, temporary car insurance** covers you from 1 hour to 30 days

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Black box car insurance

Black box car insurance uses clever technology to monitor how you drive. This data could then help to lower your premium for the next year
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Learner driver insurance

We offer learner driver insurance to help you get valuable practice behind the wheel. This can be taken out from as little as one day, up to 5 months
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Why is new driver car insurance so expensive?

If you’re a young or newly qualified driver (typically aged between 17 and 24 years of age), you’re much more likely to experience high car insurance costs. The reason is simple. Young and new drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident than experienced drivers, so there's a higher risk involved in insuring them. Your level of experience and age are the main factors for pricing up young driver car insurance.

Reasons young & new driver insurance is expensive:

          Your occupation: some jobs will have you spending more time on the road or in areas that insurers deem risky. This is why it’s important to be as accurate as possible when describing your occupation. 
Your vehicle: the more expensive your car is, the more it will cost to replace; but the older your car is the more unreliable it may be. Even if your car was cheap to buy, insurers will take into account how safe they believe it to be on the road. Insurers will also look at how desirable your car is, and so how likely it is to be stolen or broken into. If your car has a big engine, this can increase the cost of new driver insurance, as it has more power.
Your postcode: if you live in a built-up area the risk of accidents is a lot greater, which can increase prices. However, if you live in the countryside where the roads are quieter, this can typically reduce young driver insurance premiums.
How often you’ll use the car: if you plan to use your car every day for work, or commuting, you can expect to pay more than if you just use your car on the weekends.

Tips on how to reduce the cost of new driver car insurance

New driver car insurance can be expensive, so finding any way to reduce the cost can help young drivers to get out on the road. You’ll find that the cost of car insurance will only dramatically improve once you’ve become a more experienced driver. However, there are ways to get cheaper car insurance for young drivers.

1. Black box technology for new or young drivers

Having a black box fitted, also known as telematics, can be a cheap car insurance option for young driver car insurance. Black box car insurance is so popular because it provides feedback on your driving style and then rewards new drivers based on how safe their driving is.

2. Pay annually for your new driver insurance

If you can afford to pay the annual premium for your young driver insurance in one go, it can save more than paying monthly. This is because an insurer will only need to charge a one-off admin fee and no additional monthly interest payments which can add up.

3. Increase the voluntary excess on your new driver insurance

When you’re getting a quote for young driver car insurance, you’ll be asked how much you’re comfortable to pay should you need to claim. This is called voluntary excess. If you increase the amount you pay towards this, you’ll find that your overall premium will decrease. Voluntary excess is only paid when you make a claim on your insurance.

Increasing your voluntary excess can reduce the cost of young driver insurance. But it’s important to make sure you could afford to pay the amount if you did need to make a claim.

4. Add a second driver

If you add an older, second driver to a young driver car insurance policy your premium may come down. This is because a more experienced driver will be seen to use the car for some of the time. It’s important that the second driver does use the vehicle, so you don’t invalidate your insurance. If a young driver is added onto a more experienced driver’s policy (as a second driver), but the younger driver uses the car more frequently than the named driver, you could be committing fraud. This is called fronting and it’s illegal  ̶̶  find about fronting here.

5. Ensure your car is safe and secure

The safety of the vehicle is determined by how it’s stored when it’s not being driven and the level of security the vehicle has. If it’s fitted with an alarm, immobiliser, or another validated security device, it may help to reduce your young driver insurance costs. Find out more information on the official Thatcham’s alarm categories.

What is black box insurance?

A black box, about the size of a matchbox, is fitted to your car. It’ll run reports on your driving behaviour and builds a picture of how you drive for your insurer. It’ll check things like the speed, distance, and time of day you’re travelling. It can also check on how you travel around corners, and your braking and acceleration.

This data is helpful in reducing young driver insurance premiums, and you’ll be able to access all reports to see how you’re performing and then make improvements in any areas you need to. Our RAC Black Box Car Insurance uses black box technology. It has no curfews, and you can choose your own mileage limit when you buy. It gives you the control and the freedom to drive where and when you want.

What type of policy should I choose?

Understanding the right car insurance for new drivers can be a confusing process. There are three main young driver insurance policies you should know about before committing to an insurance provider. You need to choose the right insurance to suit your needs, and they vary in price. This is why finding cheap car insurance for young drivers can be so challenging.


Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is the highest level of cover and includes both third party and third party, fire and theft insurance. It also provides financial protection for any damage caused to your own vehicle, even if the accident wasn't your fault. This type of cover offers the most amount of protection for you, your passengers, your vehicle and others on the road. Policy packages do vary by insurer, so make sure you read all documents before signing up.

Third party, fire and theft insurance

Third party, fire and theft insurance is the next level up from basic. This covers the repair costs to your own car if the accident was not deemed your fault. It also covers you for fire damage and if your vehicle is ever stolen.

Third Party Insurance

This is the most basic insurance that meets the minimum legal requirement. This policy tends to be the cheapest out of the three because it offers less financial protection for the driver and the cover is very limited. This type of insurance will only pay for damage caused to other drivers’, passengers’ and pedestrians’ property, or any compensation for injuries in an incident judged as your fault. This means third party insurance would not cover the cost of repairs for your vehicle or provide any funds to support legal fees or compensation. It won’t pay out if your vehicle is ever stolen or damaged by fire.

Young & new driver car insurance FAQs

Can I get insurance on my parents’ policy?

If you hold a full driving licence or provisional licence, you can be added onto your parents’ existing policy. However, when you become a named driver on your parents’ insurance you can’t be the most frequent user. It’s illegal for you to be a named driver on a more experienced driver’s policy if you plan to use the car more than they do. 

How do I get new driver insurance on a family car?

A way to help combat the expense of young driver insurance is to have yourself added as a named driver on your family’s car. You must not use the car more than the primary driver on the policy, as this could be classed as fraud. To add someone to an existing policy you’ll need to ring up your insurance provider.

If you’re already an RAC Black Box customer and you wish to add another driver, you’re able to do this online here. If you have a standard RAC Car Insurance policy, it’s here.

How much would it cost to add my son/daughter to my insurance?

The cost to add a named driver onto an existing policy will vary depending on the insurance provider. 

If you’re already an RAC Black Box customer and you wish to add another driver, you’re able to do this online here. If you have a standard RAC Car Insurance policy, it’s here.

Do I have to use black box car insurance as a young driver?

It’s not a legal requirement for a new driver to use a black box. But, you may find that car insurance for young drivers with a black box is cheaper than without. Find out more about RAC Black Box Car Insurance.

What is the cheapest car to insure for young drivers?

Car insurance for young drivers is particularly expensive due to the risks associated with younger or less experienced drivers. Which car you choose can also impact the price significantly due to increased risk and costs of repairing the car if you have an accident. A powerful car, with a bigger engine and a fast acceleration will typically cost more than a modest mid-range car.

What is the cheapest insurance group?

Each new car model is assigned an insurance group from 1 to 50 – the lower the grouping, the cheaper the car should be to insure. Cars in the higher groupings tend to be performance vehicles which are likely to cost the insurer the most when it comes to claims. It’s certainly worth bearing in mind which insurance group any new car falls into before purchasing.

Why is car insurance so expensive without a no claims discount?

Having no, no claims discount (NCD) says to an insurer that you either have very little experience driving and haven’t been able to build any NCD up, or that you have claimed recently and lost any NCD you previously had. Either could mark you as a bigger risk to insurers than other road users.

What is the lowest insurance group for young drivers?
Typically the lower the insurance group the cheaper it is to insure. For example a car in group 1 would usually be cheaper than a car in group 50. Find out more on car insurance groups.
Is insurance cheaper for older first-time drivers?

Age and driving experience both affect the price you’ll pay for your insurance. So if you’re an older first-time driver, you won’t pay as much as a younger first-time driver, but you’ll usually pay more than a driver who passed their test a while ago.

Do all young drivers have to have a black box?

No, there’s no legal requirement for young drivers to have a black box – but it’s recommended. Insurance usually costs more for younger drivers, and having black box insurance can help you reduce that cost over time.

How long are you classed as a young and inexperienced driver?

If you passed your test less than a year ago, you’re considered an inexperienced driver, and if you’re under 25 you’re considered a young driver.

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