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8.3 What motorists will do to reduce congestion

Motorists are aware they must take some responsibility for easing congestion. But there is a great deal of antipathy about the measures they know they need to take.

64% are likely to use public transport more - but only 26% are very likely.

60% are likely to reduce the number of personal journeys they make - but only 20% are very likely.

51% that could, said they are likely to car share or car pool with colleagues more often - but only a quarter are very likely.

84% of motorists also say they would want to see immediate evidence of investment in public transport to make road pricing acceptable. But the experience in Manchester highlights how messages are not getting across to motorists. 79% of voters rejected a proposed congestion charging scheme in the city even though the Government pledged £3bn investment in public transport and, more crucially, that the charge would only be brought in once 80% of the public transport improvements were in place.

Conclusion and commentary

8.2 What the Government should do about congestion