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Just some of the things UK drivers have been telling us...

Pink Pick Up with Dog"My 4x4 might not be fashionable but it's what you need on these Devon roads."
Simon, 39, Devon





silver car family"We moved from the country to the city, so now we use the bus to get around. But it's still much cheaper and easier to use the car to travel outside Edinburgh."
Lorraine, 41, Edinburgh
Reflexologist with husband and two car mad sons.




silver estate"The increase in the cost of motoring is contributing taxation revenue to the Government and yet this is not translating into improved roads or other transport services."
Paul, 43, Hertfordshire
Company Director



students iphone"I'm saving for a car, but the insurance will probably cost me more than the vehicle. Luckily my dad lets me borrow his car occasionally."
Tom, 20, Manchester



girl driveway"I really enjoy driving but I'm concerned about the environment. So I'm cutting down on non-essential journeys which also helps with the finances."
Hema, 34, Buckinghamshire

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