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Compare breakdown cover

Review cover that gets you back on the road with our breakdown cover comparison

How to compare breakdown cover

It’s always a good idea to compare breakdown cover before you buy. Remember, just choosing the cheapest option may not give you the cover you need. So, do your homework to make sure you have complete peace of mind.

Here’s a quick guide of what to look for when comparing breakdown cover:

What’s included with RAC breakdown cover?

A good place to start when comparing breakdown cover in the UK is to check what's included as standard. Some providers include more than others with their entry-level cover.

Here’s a rundown of what you get on all RAC breakdown cover levels, compared to our competitors.



Green Flag

Roadside Assistance

20-mile taxi from the garage1

Levels of breakdown cover comparison

Levels of breakdown cover vary from provider to provider. But the main features are known as Roadside Assistance, At Home (or ‘Home Start’), National Recovery, and Onward Travel.

Find out the features included with the RAC’s breakdown cover below.

Roadside Assistance

On the spot repairs or towing to a local garage.

At Home Cover

Help if you break down at your home address.

National Recovery

We’ll tow you anywhere in the UK.

Up to £150 of driving savings



FREE car health check
5 callouts
Roadside Assistance
Up to £150 of driving savings



FREE car health check
5 callouts
Roadside Assistance
National Recovery
Up to £150 of driving savings



FREE car health check
Unlimited Callouts
Roadside Assistance
National Recovery
At Home
Worth up to £55, at selected RAC garages

Prices above are for single vehicle-based cover.

Avoid big bills

Onward Travel

Can’t do without your car? Get a hire car while yours is in the garage with Onward Travel.

European Rescue

With RAC European Rescue, you’re covered in 48 countries across Europe. So you can have complete peace of mind when driving abroad.

Tyre Replace

Puncture? No problem — you're covered for the cost of 5 new tyres a year.

Battery Replace

Get a new battery if we can't recharge yours — saving you £160 on average.

Key Replace

Lost your car keys? We'll replace them, saving you £300 on average.

Personal vs vehicle cover

With most providers, breakdown cover can either apply to you or your vehicle. It’s up to you to decide which type of cover works best for you.

Personal breakdown cover comparison

Personal breakdown cover means you’ll be personally covered if you break down in any eligible vehicle, as a driver or passenger. This type of cover usually costs more than vehicle cover. But it can work out cheaper if you drive more than one vehicle regularly.

With the RAC, you can cover up to 5 people on a single policy (as long as you live at the same address). But with the AA and Green Flag, you can only cover up to 4 people.

Vehicle breakdown cover comparison

Vehicle breakdown cover means your vehicle is covered no matter who is driving when it breaks down. With the AA’s vehicle breakdown, you can only cover 1 vehicle.

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Answers to your questions

Depending on how you use your cars, you might want to consider personal cover or vehicle cover for multiple cars.

Personal cover means you’re covered as a driver or passenger in any eligible vehicle – and you can add up to 5 people living at the same address to your policy. It’s ideal if you or your family regularly drive more than one car.

With vehicle cover, each vehicle on your policy is covered no matter who’s driving. And you can get vehicle cover for up to 3 cars registered at the same address on one policy.

When looking for breakdown cover, make sure you check what’s included as standard with the RAC, Green Flag and the AA. For example, the RAC include a 20-mile taxi1 from the garage with every cover level. Other providers don’t. You should also check prices and reviews to make sure you get the cover you need. Find out more about how else we compare above.

1Following a breakdown, if you’re taken to a garage, we’ll reimburse you for a taxi home up to 20 miles.

RAC Breakdown Cover begins on the day you buy it, as long as you haven’t broken down already. You can also choose to start your policy later if you prefer. Extras like National Recovery and Onward Travel both start 24 hours afterwards. And Key Replace, Battery Replace and Tyre Replace start 14 days after your main breakdown cover begins.

Yes, you can with RAC European Breakdown Cover. It’s available for single-trips or as annual cover for multiple trips during the year. You can see how our European cover compares to other competitors.

When you're choosing a breakdown cover policy, it’s important to think about what suits your lifestyle. This will help determine what type of cover you need.

Consider how many vehicles you drive and how far you usually travel. For example, if you regularly take long trips, you might want to add National Recovery to your cover.  

It’s also worth considering the reputation of your chosen provider. Look for companies with positive feedback. This includes fast response times and good service.

With the RAC, our patrols fix 4/5 vehicles on the spot and we get to most breakdowns within 60 minutes. Read more about our RAC breakdown cover reviews.

You can compare breakdown cover by looking at what levels of cover providers offer. Look at what features suit your lifestyle and driving habits. You should also consider the overall cost.

Some companies also have comparison pages. Find out how the RAC compares to AA breakdown cover and Green Flag breakdown cover, on our dedicated comparison pages.

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