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It's always a good idea to compare breakdown cover

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How to compare breakdown cover

It’s always a good idea to compare breakdown cover before you buy. Just choosing the cheapest cover is unlikely to give you the cover you need. So it’s best to do your homework to make sure you have complete peace of mind.

Here’s a quick guide to what to look for when comparing breakdown cover:

What’s included as standard?

Checking what’s included as standard is a good place to start when choosing breakdown cover. Some providers include more than others with their entry-level cover.

For example, the RAC includes roadside and home rescue, garage support and alternative transport, even with our entry-level cover. So you can relax knowing you’re getting a complete breakdown service as standard. 

Here’s a rundown of what you get on all RAC cover levels, compared to our competitors.

  RAC AA Green Flag

Rescue Anywhere
Rescue at roadside and at home



Home Rescue is an optional extra


Rescue Plus & Recovery Plus only

Garage Support
A fault report to let the garage know what's wrong




Alternative Transport
So you aren't left stranded at the garage



Onward Travel is an optional extra


Recovery Plus package only

Want even more peace of mind?

Upgrade to our Advanced or Ultimate cover levels for even more benefits that aren't available elsewhere.

  RAC Advanced RAC Ultimate AA Green Flag

Priority Garage Access
We'll find an RAC garage to fit you in quickly





Repair Estimates
We'll get you an estimate and explain it before getting to the garage





Ultimate Garage Support
Let us tow your vehicle to the garage and book it in for you, whilst you continue to your destination in a taxi arranged by us





How much cover do you need?

Once you know what’s included as standard with your breakdown cover, you can think about how much extra cover you need. As well as your budget, it’s important to consider how you use your car. 

To get started, it’s helpful to ask yourself these questions:

  • What would you do if you broke down at home? 

Lots of breakdowns happen at home. And if you’d need help to get going again, it’s worth making sure you buy cover at home. This is also known as ‘home start’.

Most companies make you upgrade to be covered on your driveway. But with the RAC, it’s included as standard. 

  • Do you use your car for short journeys, long journeys or both? 

If you make lots of long journeys, you could consider upgrading to an ‘unlimited tow’ (also called ‘national recovery’). That way, if you break down far from home, you can always get to your destination, back home or to any garage, no matter how far away you are. 

With the RAC, an unlimited tow is available with our Advanced and Ultimate cover levels. With our Standard cover, you’re covered for a 10-mile tow. 

  • How would you get around if your car was stuck in the garage?

If you’d need help staying mobile while your vehicle’s being fixed, having an alternative transport option is a good idea. This is also known as ‘onward travel’. 

With our Standard cover, you get a 20-mile taxi from the garage. With Advanced, you get a hire car or taxi for up to 2 days (up to the value of £150). And with Ultimate, you get a hire car or taxi for up to 7 days (up to the value of £500). 

  • Do you need any extra cover? 

For extra reassurance, the RAC offers a choice of add-ons. This includes Key Replace, Battery Replace and Tyre Replace.

Compare levels of cover

Levels of breakdown cover vary from provider to provider. But the main features are known as roadside rescue (or ‘roadside assistance’), home rescue (or ‘home start’), tow (recovery or ‘national recovery’) and alternative transport (or ‘onward travel’). 

At the RAC, we also offer garage support – so you’ll have an extra helping hand if your vehicle needs repairs at a garage. 

Here's our breakdown cover

Personal vs vehicle cover

With most providers, breakdown cover can either apply to you or your vehicle. It’s up to you to decide which type of cover works best for you. 

Personal cover 

Personal cover  means you’ll be personally covered if you break down in any vehicle, as a driver or passenger. This type of cover usually costs more than vehicle cover. But it can work out cheaper if you drive more than one vehicle regularly. 

With the RAC, you can cover up to 5 people on a single policy. But with the AA and Green Flag, you can only cover up to 4 people.  

Vehicle cover  

Vehicle cover  means your vehicle is covered no matter who is driving when it breaks down. This usually costs less than personal cover. 

Compare breakdown cover reviews

Obviously, selecting all these options provides the most in depth cover so it's worth looking at any combination of breakdown and compare terms - so what levels of breakdown cover does the RAC offer, in comparison to competitors?
RAC AA Green Flag
Trustpilot score (out of 5) 4.3*



* based on 65,835 reviews, data on 13/05/2021
** based on 12,998 reviews, data on 13/05/2021
*** based on 14,747 reviews, data on 13/05/2021


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^ Offer terms and conditions:

  1. 3 months free only applicable to Ultimate cover level & 1 months free only applicable to Advanced cover level.
  2. Standard cover level excluded from the promotion.
  3. You must purchase RAC breakdown cover online direct from RAC by visiting by 24th June 7am.
  4. Offer applies to new customers only.
  5. For Monthly customers, 1 & 3 months free offer requires you to make 12 consecutive payments at the full price. Month 13 is free for 1 month free offer. Months 13, 14 & 15 are free for 3 months free offer
  6. For Annual customers, 1 & 3 months free offer requires you to have an active cover level at month 12.
  7. If you fail to make 12 consecutive payments or cancel your policy before 12-month period, you will not be eligible for the promotion.
  8. Not available to members amending or renewing an existing policy or on purchases during a breakdown situation.
  9. Offer may be withdrawn at any time.
  10. No cash or other alternatives available.
  11. Excludes RAC Response (Blue Badge membership).

^^ Price relates to Vehicle based cover.

Competitor comparison based on insured cover described in AA & Green Flag policy documents. Excludes European cover. Information correct as of 20th Oct 2020.

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