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2.3 Getting about

Motorists are more likely to get out of their cars and walk, ride a bicycle, travel as a car passenger or take public transport than ever before. While the majority of this can be put down to a desire to save money, the year on year upward trend suggests this behavioural change is more significant than an economic blip.

Walking is the most popular form of alternative transport, two in five motorists walk most or every day. But while over two fifths say they are doing more walking than last year, a staggering one in 14 never walks at all.

92% will also get into the passenger seat of someone else's car, with a third taking another seat between one and three times a week.

Motorists are also choosing two wheels as well as four, with 35% of motorists saying they cycle, up by 11% on last year.

2.4 How motorists drive

2.2 Motorists' views