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8.1 What currently works

Motorists acknowledge the Government has introduced new technologies to try and combat congestion and manage traffic flows - but with mixed success.

63% think advanced warning signs on motorways are effective.

47% think redesigning road layouts is effective.

45% favour speed awareness signs.

44% favour active traffic management (ATM) and hard shoulder running.

But less successfully:

38% feel speed cameras are not effective in reducing congestion, with a further third undecided. Average speed cameras are rated slightly more favourably - with a third thinking they are effective. But a further third are undecided and a quarter think they do not ease congestion. Toll roads are seen as a positive measure by a third, but a further third are undecided and 18% discount them as a traffic management tool.

8.2 What the Government should do about congestion

8.0 Motorists and congestion