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3.2 Future savings

Over the next 18 months motorists intend to continue economising. Again finding a better insurance deal is favoured by 69% - although they anticipate a lower saving than last year - at £85 against £106 in 2009. Radically almost one in ten motorists say they intend to sell their car and use public transport, a bicycle, walk or use a motorbike instead. They estimate this will save them £923 over the year.

Just over one in ten motorists intend to make more use of informal car sharing or car clubs next year although savings are expected to be less than this year at £103. An identical number (12%) intend to use car-pooling more to save £137. Car clubs are a recent phenomenon allowing members to pick up a car from a pre-agreed location, use it for an agreed period of time and then drop it back at the same or other designated location. These schemes are typically city based, which limits their appeal, but as their geographical reach expands so should their appeal.

4.0 Motorists and the environment

3.1 Reducing motoring costs