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Classic Car Insurance from our partners Hagerty

Classic Car Insurance

If you have a classic car, the chances are that you use it differently to your main day-to-day vehicle. You may drive it less frequently or record less milage. These factors, among others, mean that a classic car insurance policy could be cheaper than a standard car insurance policy.

Get a classic car insurance quote

With so many different types of classic vehicle and varying needs, the quickest way to get an accurate quote is to give our partner Hagerty a call.

Cover for public road rallies and trials1

Third party liability cover (inc. passengers)

We’ll cover your car’s full agreed value

Lines open Mon–Fri 9am–5.30pm, Saturday 9am–1pm (Bank Holidays excluded).

What is classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance is a specialist type of insurance cover designed to protect your investment in a vintage or classic vehicle.

Depending on the type of cover you choose, that could include accidents, vandalism, fire and theft. A collectible car is highly desirable; some models are extremely rare and expensive. So it’s important to ensure you have the right classic car insurance policy in place.

How much does classic car insurance cost?

A classic vehicle is viewed as a prize-possession so is more likely to be in good condition – which can make it cheaper to insure. Owners can also opt to set a mileage limit which can help keep the cost down. The exact cost of insuring your classic car depends on a few different factors:


Estimated value

How often it is being driven

Where the vehicle is parked or kept

The year, make, and model of vehicle

The number of miles you drive annually

Your age, claims history and any driving convictions

You can get an indicative quote in just a few minutes on 0330 159 0728.

How much is my classic car worth?

Get current values, historical values, model history and more through Hagerty’s valuation tool.

Does my car qualify for classic car insurance?

There are many ways of defining a classic car. It might also be referred to as a retro car, vintage car, collectible car, antique car or simply an old car. To get a classic car insurance quote your car must be:

Of collectible interest

Your car must be a specialist, collectible car. It needs to be kept for personal use, and not for business.

Only be used as a second car

So not your main vehicle. And it shouldn’t be driven over 5,000 miles a year.

Kept in a secure location

It should be parked in a garage or on a private driveway, not on the road.

Benefits of classic car insurance

Add-ons included as standard

Our classic car insurance policy includes agreed value (the value of your car agreed in your policy), RAC Breakdown Cover and recovery, legal expenses, and salvage retention as standard.

Cost savings

Classic car insurance could work out cheaper. Insurers may see you as lower risk because the car is driven less, well maintained and often kept in a secure garage.

Specialist cover

Classic cars aren’t like modern cars, and you probably don’t use them in the same way, so a standard car insurance policy might not be the best fit. With classic car insurance, you’re getting cover that’s specifically tailored to your vehicle and the way you use it.

Laid-up cover

If the car is off road and being stored, rebuilt or restored, you can get specialist cover that might be cheaper.

What types of classic car insurance are there?

Our partners Hagerty Insurance offer coverage for several different types of collectibles, antiques, and classics – including: American classic car insurance, classic tractor insurance, classic motorbike insurance and classic military vehicle insurance.

What types of classic car insurance are there?

Can I get modified classic car insurance?

Modified classic cars can be covered. While some insurers may refuse insurance coverage for modified vintage cars, our partner Hagerty Insurance can often consider and accommodate what they deem to be reasonable modifications.

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Do you provide classic car insurance for young drivers?

To be eligible for a RAC Classic Car Insurance policy, you need to be aged between 25 and 75. If you are under or over those ages, please call Hagerty so that they can discuss your circumstances further.

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Can I get a multi car policy with classic car insurance?

Hagerty can insure multiple vehicles on one policy. Your classic car, motorcycle, classic tractor, even vehicles under restoration can all be insured under the same policy.

Close up of the back of a number of classic cars

Can you insure classic cars used on a daily basis?

Hagerty can’t insure classic vehicles driven on a daily or regular basis. The policy is designed for vehicles that are used in a cherished, secondary-use capacity. For the duration of the policy period, you must have an everyday car that you rely on for day-to-day use.

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Classic Car insurance FAQs

The price of a policy will differ depending on several factors. You can get an indicative quote within just a few minutes. You'll need to confirm the year, make and model of the vehicle to be named on your classic car policy, as well as the vehicle's estimated value and its annual mileage. The age of the driver may also have a bearing on the price of the insurance policy.

Classic car insurance could be cheaper, as you’re likely to be driving less miles, driving more slowly, and keeping the car in good condition. That means you’ll be considered a lower risk. Insurers would reflect that in the premium you pay. There are things you can do to can keep the cost of your car insurance down, like making sure you keep the car in a secure location like a garage.

It’s quick and easy to get a classic car insurance policy. We work in partnership with the UK’s leading classic car insurance experts, Hagerty Insurance, to provide insurance coverage for a range of older vehicles. Just call 0330 159 0728. Lines are open Mon–Fri 9am–5.30pm, Saturday 9am–1pm (Bank Holidays excluded).

Classic car insurance policies often have a restriction on the number of miles you can drive. You’ll need to check the policy wording before you purchase to make sure this will be adequate. Accepting a restriction could make your policy cheaper.

RAC UK and RAC European Breakdown Cover (including recovery) is automatically included within Hagerty’s Classic Car Insurance policies, and available for cars, motorised caravans, vans and motorcycles.

You can call our partners at Hagerty on 0330 159 0728 to get a quote straight away. Hagerty’s team are ready and willing to help you from Mon–Fri 9am–5.30pm, Saturday 9am–1pm (Bank Holidays excluded).

Agreed value is how much you and the insurer believe your car is worth – this is negotiated at the start of the policy. This is different to market value, which is the amount you can reasonably expect to get for your vehicle if you sell it.

If your vehicle is a total loss, insurers will pay out the agreed value. But you’ll need to have provided a valuation certificate and supplied suitable photographs of the vehicles within 30 days from the start date of the policy. If you’ve not provided this information and the market value for the vehicle is less than the agreed value, you’ll only be paid market value.

Market value is how much you would reasonably expect to receive if you sell your vehicle.

An excess is an amount of money on your claim that you pay, instead of your insurers. This usually includes one or more of these:

  • A compulsory excess that the insurer imposes
  • A young or inexperienced driver excess
  • A voluntary excess for which you receive a premium reduction

You're responsible for the excess, whether the incident was your fault or not. But if you’re in an accident that isn’t your fault and there’s an identified person responsible for the accident, you can usually claim back your excess and other uninsured losses from that person.

You can also get legal protection insurance that covers the cost of recovering your excess and other uninsured losses from the person responsible, or their insurers.

A vehicle is considered to be a total loss following an incident (accident, fire, or theft damage) if:

  • It’s impossible to repair
  • It isn’t safe to repair
  • It’s beyond economical repair. That is, if the cost of repair exceeds the pre-accident value of your vehicle
  • If the vehicle is a total loss and you’re purchasing it on finance, we’ll settle the finance first and pay the balance to you

We cover vehicles that are being used for ‘green laning’ (driving on public roads without tarmac) as this falls under the Road Traffic Act.

But we don’t cover vehicles for ‘off-roading’ (driving off public roads) as this is on private land and doesn’t fall under the Road Traffic Act. We can also cover vehicles while they’re ‘laid up’ off the road, for example if they’re being restored, or aren’t registered for the road.

There isn’t a certain age where a car becomes a ‘classic car’. However, there are other certain criteria that needs to be met. For example, your car will need to be a special car of collectible interest. Call Hagerty on 0330 159 0728 to see if your car could be eligible.