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8.2 What the Government should do about congestion

The vast majority of motorists think the Government should use existing motoring related taxes to either improve public transport or build/widen more roads at the expense of spending elsewhere in the economy. But motorists are not in favour of indiscriminate road building.

Over three quarters would like more invested in targeted bypass schemes around traffic blackspots.

77% want more local traffic management schemes to remove bottlenecks at junctions.

Three quarters want more money invested in all public transport.

75% want more invested in targeted road building and road widening.

Less than half want restrictions or bans on vehicle use in town centres.

Active Traffic Management, (ATM) is a toolbox that can be used to manage traffic flows in peak traffic periods. The toolbox includes measures such as electronic signage above lanes to vary the speed limit and use of the hard shoulder as a running lane and ramp metering, all of which can be used on a mix and match basis depending on local requirements.

It is currently only in operation on a section of the M42 in the West Midlands, with elements also in use on sections of the M25 though it has been approved for wider roll out as a means of easing congestion. The Highways Agency's 2009/10 business plan anticipates an expansion of ATM schemes onto the M1, M6, M4 and M5.

Source: RAC Report on Motoring 2008, Report One

8.3 What motorists will do to reduce congestion

8.1 What currently works