Two young people exchanging details after an accident

Accident Care

Had an accident? Call us first

RAC Accident Care

All RAC members receive access to an end-to-end Accident Care service. If you have an accident, whether it’s your fault or not, call us first and we'll come to your rescue and talk you through every step of the process1.

Had an accident? Call us first on 0333 2000 999.

Personal injury assistance for you and your passengers

We’ll come to your rescue if you have an accident1

24/7 Support and advice helpline

The benefits of RAC Accident Care:

Help and assistance to get you back on the road quickly

Help to recover your expenses. This could be your insurance excess or other out of pocket expenses

Replacement vehicle and quality repairs. With our approved repairers and backed by a 3 year warranty2

Personal injury assistance for you and your passengers. We'll put you in touch with a specialist solicitor to support you, and we'll ensure that any consultations, medical costs or rehabilitation for your injuries are fully considered

Free legal advice. You have access to RAC's 24/7 personal legal advice line. Our legal advisors will talk you through the process, your legal position and offer support, including exploring options to help keep your costs to a minimum, such as alternatives to paying your policy excess or losing your no claims bonus

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