Family breakdown cover

Family breakdown cover lets you cover multiple people who live together on the same policy. This could include partners, family members, housemates and children – even if they’re living away from home temporarily (for example, if they’re a student at university). With the RAC you can cover up to 5 people on a single policy. Each person will have the same level of cover, and they’ll be covered as a driver or passenger in any vehicle.     


Key points

  • You can cover up to 5 people on the same policy – just choose ‘personal cover’ and select the number of people you need to cover
  • Everyone on the policy needs to live at the same address – although you can cover children if they’re temporarily living away from home
  • Everyone on the policy will have the same level of cover

What’s included in family breakdown cover?

With the RAC, you can choose between Standard, Advanced or Ultimate. Each cover level includes roadside and home rescue, plus some level of garage support and alternative transport (also known as ‘onward travel’)

Each person named on your family breakdown cover policy will have the same level of cover. So it’s important to think carefully about how much cover you all need. 

^^ Monthly prices on a fixed 12 month plan, for 1 person.

Exclusive to RAC
The longer you stay, the less you pay
12 month plan
Get 50% off for a limited time only*. Cancellation fees apply.
Rolling monthly
You’ll pay a bit more, but you’re free to cancel at any time with no fees.

* For new, single personal based cover on a fixed 12 month plan. Standard cover from £5.75 a month. Ends 28/01/22, 7am.

Additional cover

For extra reassurance, you can add extra cover to your family breakdown cover. We offer the add-ons shown below - just remember that some of these can only be applied to 1 vehicle.

Cover to avoid a big bill
from just £3 a month1
Garage & Parts
We’ll pay your garage repair bills after a breakdown. Up to £500 per claim.
Tyre Replace
Get up to £150 per tyre to repair or replace a damaged or punctured tyre.
Battery Replace
Get a new battery if yours can't be re-charged – a new one costs £160 on average.
Key Replace
Replace lost keys and fobs easily. Without cover, new ones cost £300 on average.


How to get family breakdown cover

When you buy our breakdown cover, you’ll be asked which type of cover you’d like. To cover multiple people, just choose ‘personal cover’ let us know how many people you’d like to cover. 

Next, you can choose the level of cover you need. We offer a choice between Standard, Advanced or Ultimate. And remember, every person on your policy will have the same level of cover. 

Ready to get started? Get a quote for family breakdown cover.


Q. Do we need to live together to get a family policy?

Yes, we only offer family breakdown cover to people living in the same household. You don’t need to be related, but you do need to live at the same address.

Q. Will we be covered if we break down in someone else's car?

Yes, as long as you choose personal breakdown cover. Everyone named on your policy will be covered on a personal basis, so they’ll be covered in any vehicle as a driver or passenger.

Q. How many times can we claim on a family policy?

The number of callouts you have depends on the level of cover you choose and how many people you want to cover. On a fixed 12 month plan or flexible rolling with Standard cover, you'll have up to 4 callouts for 2 people, with an extra callout for each additional person you add, up to a limit of 5 people and 7 callouts.

With Advanced and Ultimate, you have unlimited callouts – as long as it’s not for a recurring problem.

Q. Can I pay monthly for family breakdown cover?

Yes, you pay for your family breakdown cover every month rather than one upfront payment. Just select the right option for you when buying your breakdown cover.

Q. Do the breakdown vans have child seats?

Our breakdown patrol vans do not carry child seats. If you break down with children in the car, the RAC would use child seats from your own vehicle.

Q. Are my children covered as learner drivers?

Yes. Learner drivers are covered if the child or children are covered under personal breakdown membership or vehicle-based membership.

RAC Learner Driver Insurance offers flexible short term cover for provisional licence holders. Cover is available from 2 hours to 5 months, so you only pay for what you need.

Q. Can I add motorbikes to my family cover?

Personal breakdown cover covers each individual on your policy.

If you take out personal breakdown cover, each named member included in family cover is covered on any vehicle they drive. Read more information about motorbike breakdown cover. Read more about motorbike breakdown cover. The RAC provides the same level of cover to motorbikes as it does for cars.

Q. Am I covered in the event of an accident?

Accident Care is included as a benefit at no additional charge. If you’re in a road traffic accident or collision, we may be able to help with post-accident assistance.

Just call us on 0333 2000 999 and we can help with recovery advice.

We can also seek to recoup the cost of recovery from your insurer/3rd party insurer. You may be asked to pay if this isn’t possible.

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