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4.3 Buying green

Motorists are giving mixed signals on environmental issues. They are aware they ought to be looking to buy the most environmentally friendly car, but other factors have higher priority.

The number of motorists saying they 'may' consider a more environmentally friendly car, or a car with lower CO2 emissions, when they make their next purchase has fallen from 82% to 76% since last year. More significantly only 8% say they will 'definitely' consider this - a fall from 21% in 2008.

The desire for a more fuel efficient car was expressed by 58% of motorists, while 46% would actively seek a car with lower CO2 emissions.

Only one in four want an alternative fuel car and reduced engine or body size appeals to only one in five as a new purchase.

So what would influence a motorist's decision to buy a more environmentally friendly car?

85% would welcome financial incentives to buy a low CO2 emission car.

75% want more information on a car's CO2 emissions.

73% would make a more environmental purchasing decision if there were an increase in the road tax for high CO2 emission levels. These increases came into force on May 1 this year so they could kick start motorists into translating words into actions.

65% of motorists would be more likely to switch to an environmentally friendly car if there was an increase in petrol and diesel costs at the pump.

4.4 Making motoring greener

4.2 Green driving