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AA vs RAC breakdown cover

The RAC and the AA are two of the biggest and most popular breakdown cover providers in the UK. But before you decide who to go with, it’s important to do your homework to see how their cover compares. 

Here’s a handy guide to help you compare AA and RAC breakdown cover and see which provider is right for you. 

Let's compare cover

When comparing the AA and the RAC, it’s a good idea to start by checking what they include as standard with their breakdown cover. 

For example: The RAC is the only provider that offers a complete breakdown service as standard. Our entry-level ‘Standard’ cover includes roadside and home rescue, garage support and alternative transport.

The AA’s entry-level cover is just ‘roadside assistance’, which only covers you ¼ mile from home. To get any more cover, you need to upgrade.

The table below compares what the AA and the RAC include as standard.


Rescue Anywhere
Rescue at roadside and at home



Home Rescue is an optional extra

Garage Support
A fault report to let the garage know what's wrong



Alternative Transport
So you aren't left stranded at the garage



Onward Travel is an optional extra


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What else is included with the AA compared to the RAC?

If you need extra cover to meet your needs, both the AA and the RAC offer higher levels of breakdown cover.  

For example: With the RAC you can upgrade from ‘Standard’ to ‘Advanced' or 'Ultimate'. You can also choose ‘add-ons’ for extra reassurance too. With the AA, you can build your cover with lots of different options. 

See below for what you can get when you upgrade your AA membership, compared to the RAC.


  RAC Advanced RAC Ultimate AA

Priority Garage Access
We'll find an RAC garage to fit you in quickly




Repair Estimates
We'll get you an estimate and explain it before getting to the garage




Ultimate Garage Support
Let us tow your vehicle to the garage and book it in for you, whilst you continue to your destination in a taxi arranged by us




For more information about our levels of cover, visit our RAC Breakdown Cover page. You can also find out more about our latest deals here.

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Lets compare reviews

It’s always helpful to know what existing members think of their breakdown provider and they service they’ve had. You can do this by searching online for independent reviews online. Here’s how RAC and AA reviews and scores compare on Trustpilot. 

Trust Pilot score (out of 5) RAC:   4.2* AA:  4.2**

* based on 62,525 reviews, data on 02/03/2021
** based on 10,646 reviews, data on 02/03/2021

Should I choose the AA or the RAC?

Large fleet of uniformed patrols and vans



Number of vehicles fixed at the roadside 4 out of 5
in 30 minutes on average
8 out of 10
in 30 minutes on average
Number of years’ experience 120+ years
Founded in 1897, the RAC is the most experienced breakdown cover provider in the UK.
115 years
The AA was founded in June 1905.


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