RAC Report on Motoring 2019

Every year the RAC asks a representative cross-section of UK drivers for their views on a range of motoring topics, from fuel prices and the hazards on our roads to taxation and air pollution, as part of the RAC Report on Motoring.

As well as tracking drivers’ changing views on their most pressing motoring-related concerns, every year the Report also explores attitudes towards new developments – from the likes of electric cars and autonomous vehicles to new taxation proposals and the roll-out of the smart motorway network in the UK.

In 2019 we have also identified a significant level of disquiet about various forms of anti-social, inconsiderate and even illegal behaviour by other road users.

This year 1,753 UK motorists were interviewed (i.e. those who hold a full, current driving licence, drive at least once a month and have a motor vehicle in their household). The sample was nationally representative of age, gender, socio-economic groups, all UK regions, and car ownership (company car drivers vs. private car owners).

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