What is fronting?

Fronting occurs when a driver declares to a car insurance company that he or she is the main driver of a vehicle but it is actually someone else  who is the main user of the car. Usually, an older, more experienced driver falsely insures a vehicle in their own name, even though the main driver is a younger, riskier motorist . Fronting is often committed by parents  with the aim of getting a cheaper insurance quote for their children who are either learning to drive or are young drivers.

Fronting is illegal  and considered as fraud, with serious consequences, including a criminal record and all that entails.

The consequences of fronting

Fronting is a crime and punishable as such. There are both immediate and long-term implications to giving false information to an insurance provider:

  • The insurance provider could refuse to pay for any damage to a car  if the main driver isn’t correctly stated
  • If a third party was affected in an accident, the insurer may be obliged to pay out any successful claim, but it could then pursue the policyholder to recover the uninsured costs
  • The insurer could cancel or void the policy , leaving both the young driver and potentially the parent without insurance
  • The culprits could have to pay more for insurance in the future as having cover refused or cancelled, as well as previous convictions, often leads to higher premiums
  • If the offenders are prosecuted for fraud, they could end up with a criminal record

New and young drivers concerned about the cost of their premiums can potentially save money on their car insurance by taking advantage of RAC Black Box Insurance. Once your telematics box is installed we monitor your driving behaviour, so your renewal price is based on the way you drive, which could help lower your cost of motoring.

Who is the main driver?

There are motorists who set out to lie to insurance providers in order to save money. Some, however, don’t realise they’re committing a crime when they carry out fronting. And others don’t understand who the actual main driver is. The declared main driver should be:

  • The person who regularly uses a car to drive to or from work / place of education  
  • The person who uses the car for the highest percentage of the time
  • The person who uses the car on a daily basis    

If in doubt, speak to your insurance provider.

Parents can save money on their children’s car insurance by taking advantage of a multicar discount offered by select providers. The discount is given when you insure multiple cars registered at the same address.

Find further information here on car insurance or speak to one of our RAC representatives on 0330 159 1019 to get a quote.

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