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Vehicle Breakdown Cover

There are typically two main types of breakdown cover - personal and vehicle. Vehicle-based breakdown cover is often the standard version and among the cheapest to obtain - but how does it cover you, what benefits does it include, and is it the right kind of breakdown cover for you? This guide takes a more detailed look at vehicle and car breakdown cover, and how it works.

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RAC breakdown patrols fix four out of five vehicles at the roadside within an average of 30 minutes.

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What is Vehicle Based Breakdown Cover? 

Vehicle breakdown cover provides cover for a vehicle rather than a person. Put simply, this means that you’re buying breakdown cover for a vehicle, and that any valid driver behind the wheel of the car when it breaks down can call for assistance. It’s often available as one of the cheapest options of breakdown cover, and is a great choice if you only drive one car - or if your family runs a single vehicle.

Comparing Vehicle Breakdown Cover

Vehicle Breakdown Cover may not the best breakdown cover option for you, and of course it depends on your circumstances. Before you take up this type of breakdown cover membership, you should consider the pros and cons.

What are the pros of vehicle breakdown cover?

If you only drive one vehicle, this can be a cheap and cost-effective type of breakdown cover. 

If you are a one-car family, and the car is shared by more than one person - if a spouse and a teenage daughter also drive it, for example - vehicle breakdown cover means everyone has peace of mind when out on the road.

What are the cons of vehicle breakdown cover?

It’s breakdown cover for a vehicle, not an individual. So, if you drive more than one car, and only have vehicle cover on one of them, if you break down in the other you won’t be able to get assistance. You need vehicle cover on both cars - and might be better off with personal breakdown cover.

With vehicle breakdown cover, you won’t be covered if you’re the passenger in another car - which might prove useful if you’re travelling with friends or family in someone else’s vehicle.

Can I add additional vehicles to my policy? 

Vehicle breakdown cover can be extended to more than a single vehicle, giving you even more comprehensive coverage. With RAC vehicle cover, one vehicle is covered as standard but you can add up to two others, effectively creating a multi-car policy.

If you have several drivers in the family it may be worth considering family or multi-car breakdown cover. Multi-car cover gives you vehicle-based breakdown cover for up to three cars while family breakdown cover is personal-based cover for as many as five people.

To add additional vehicles to your policy, start building your level of cover here.

Other types of breakdown cover

If you don’t think vehicle breakdown cover is your best option, there are other types of breakdown policies available from the RAC. Breakdown cover levels include:

Personal Breakdown Cover
European Breakdown Cover
Family and Multi-car Breakdown Cover
Instant Breakdown Cover - if you’re not a member and have just broken down

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle breakdown cover means a particular, named vehicle is covered, whoever is driving it in the event it breaks down. It doesn’t matter who the driver is - as long it’s a valid, qualified driver of course - they can call for assistance.

Can I pay for vehicle breakdown monthly?

Yes, RAC vehicle breakdown cover can be paid monthly, or annually, if you prefer.

Would I still be covered in another person's vehicle?
Not at all with vehicle breakdown cover, which only applies to the specific, named vehicle. Personal breakdown cover could cover you, in any vehicle.
Can I also add my motorbike to this policy?

The RAC offers specific motorbike breakdown cover, which works in the same way as car breakdown cover. There’s more information about that type of breakdown cover here.

Is there a discount for adding multiple vehicles?
You can add up to two other vehicles to your vehicle breakdown cover at a discounted price. Although prices can change, cover for one vehicle starts from £4.50 a month, but it costs just £2.50 to add a second vehicle and £5 to add two more.