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Vehicle Breakdown Cover

What is vehicle breakdown cover? 

Vehicle breakdown cover is a type of cover that applies to a specific vehicle. If you have vehicle cover, your vehicle will be covered no matter who is driving it when it breaks down. This is different to personal cover, which applies to a person in any eligible vehicle as a driver or passenger.

Vehicle-based breakdown cover usually costs less than personal cover. And it's ideal if you only ever drive one vehicle, or your family only runs one vehicle.

Comparing Vehicle Breakdown Cover

Before you decide on vehicle breakdown cover, it's important to think about the pros and cons. If it isn't right for you, you can always choose personal cover instead.

Pros of vehicle cover

  • Vehicle breakdown cover usually costs less than personal cover
  • It can be ideal if you only drive one vehicle, or you share a vehicle with someone else in your household
  • If you have a family vehicle, whoever is driving it will benefit from breakdown cover

Cons of vehicle breakdown cover

  • Vehicle breakdown cover may be cheaper, but personal cover is more extensive as it covers you as a person in any eligible vehicle
  • Personal cover may be a better option if you regularly drive more than one vehicle
  • If you’re a driver or passenger in a vehicle that isn't covered and it breaks down, you won't be able to use your breakdown cover

Can I add additional vehicles to my policy? 

You can buy motor vehicle breakdown cover for more than one vehicle with a multi-car breakdown cover policy. With the RAC, you can cover up to 3 vehicles on the same policy.

It costs at least £3 a month to add an extra vehicle to your breakdown policy, depending on the level of cover you have. And each vehicle gets the same level of cover.

  • If you're already a member: Give us a call on 0333 2000 999 and let us know how many vehicles you'd like to add.
  • If you're buying online: Just select 'vehicle breakdown cover' and select the number of vehicles you'd like to cover. Buy breakdown cover here.

What types of vehicles are covered?

We provide cover for many types of vehicles, including hybrids, electric vehicles, and even breakdown cover for older cars. We also cover motorbikes, campervans and vans. All we ask is that your vehicle is:

  • UK registered
  • a maximum of 3.5 tonnes, 6.4 m long (and 2.5 m wide – that's roughly the weight and size of a Ford Transit long wheelbase van)
  • over 49cc if it's a motorbike, scooter or moped (or over 121cc in Europe)

Other types of breakdown cover

If you don’t think vehicle breakdown cover is your best option, there are other types of breakdown policies available from the RAC. Breakdown cover levels include:

Personal Breakdown Cover
European Breakdown Cover
Family Breakdown Cover
Multi-car Breakdown Cover
Caravan Breakdown Cover
Instant Breakdown Cover – if you’re not a member and have just broken down

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle breakdown cover means a particular, named vehicle is covered, whoever is driving it in the event it breaks down. It doesn’t matter who the driver is – as long it’s a valid, qualified driver of course – they can call for assistance.

Can I pay for vehicle breakdown monthly?

Yes, RAC vehicle breakdown cover can be paid monthly.

Would I still be covered in another person's vehicle?
Not at all with vehicle breakdown cover, which only applies to the specific, named vehicle. Personal breakdown cover could cover you, in any vehicle.
Can I also add my motorbike to this policy?

The RAC offers breakdown cover that can cover both your car and your motorbike. There’s more information about that type of breakdown cover here.

Is personal or vehicle breakdown cover cheaper?
Vehicle breakdown cover is usually slightly cheaper than personal cover, as it applies to one vehicle rather than a person in multiple vehicles. The car you choose will be covered no matter who’s driving. But if you often drive more than one car, or have a family who drive multiple cars, personal cover could be a better option.

Important Information:

Free Battery Replace terms and conditions:

  1. Free Battery Replace cover for 1 nominated vehicle, when purchased with Extra or Complete cover.
  2. Offer available with vehicle-based cover for 1 vehicle and personal-based cover for 1 – 5 people.
  3. Battery Replace must be selected in the purchase journey to qualify for the offer.
  4. Battery Replace is free for the first 12 months only, after which it will become chargeable.
  5. You must purchase RAC Breakdown Cover online before 08/12/23, 7am.
  6. Offer applies to new customers only.
  7. Not available on purchases made during a breakdown situation.
  8. No cash or other alternatives.

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