Money-saving tips for motorists

As motorists continue to feel the pinch at the pump, the Debt Advisory Line has helpfully compile some smart tips to help Britain's drivers save money.

Petrol prices are set to rise by more than 3p this August as Chancellor George Osborne confirmed there would be no change to the planned fuel duty increase.

This extra cost could be even greater by August if oil prices continue to rise as they have been.

However, to help Britain's motorists save money, the Debt Advisory Line has come up with some handy money-saving tips.

These include planning your journey ahead to avoid breakdowns and delays, and also driving more efficiently - for example by minimising over-braking and keeping speed down to save fuel.

Advice includes car-sharing, keeping your tyres inflated, only carrying what you need, avoiding excessive use of the air conditioning and making use of loyalty card discounts.

John Goodfellow, chairman at Debt Advisory Line, said even though petrol and diesel prices are already at record highs, they are set to rise further this summer.

He said: "This can have a great impact on a family's monthly budget but there are many ways to save money when it comes to travelling."

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