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Types of cars

Over the past 20 years the range of cars on offer has increased dramatically.

We are buying smaller cars - though small cars are actually getting bigger - with less powerful but more efficient and cleaner engines. In part, this shift to smaller cars and more efficient engines is driven by cost and lifestyle choices. We're also a lot more willing, whilst there's a financial incentive to do so, to drive diesel cars.

It also reflects a much greater awareness of the environmental and the social cost of motoring. We're using our cars less for long journeys and more for shorter ones, such as shopping and commuting.

Smaller cars and engines not only make more sense, they do less environmental damage.

Motoring and technology

It's very clear that the cars we'll be driving in 20 years' time will be near-unrecognisable compared to those we were driving just 20 years ago.

But can technology do more than just give us better and better cars?

Can it make a serious contribution to helping us achieve a sustainable future for motoring?

These are big and important questions that affect the future of everyone in Britain.