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The RAC Report on Motoring has looked at the views of Britain's motorists on issues relating to the environment from the very start.

Twenty years ago, the environment was just starting to appear on motorists' radars via very specific, car-related issues, such as lead-free petrol, exhaust fumes and catalytic converters. Today, it has moved centre-stage. There is now widespread and growing support for the environmental agenda amongst motorists.

For example, in 2008:

  • More than two-thirds of us, 'would buy a more environmentally-friendly car if the tax incentives were better'
  • Half of us say we 'carefully consider CO2 emissions when buying a car'

The green message is getting through to motorists - the challenge now is to translate it into hard action.

Motoring and our environment

How to reconcile motoring and the environment is one of the greatest challenges we face.

The King Review of Low Carbon Cars has set out the role that more efficient vehicles, cleaner fuels and smarter consumer choices can play in reducing carbon emissions. But what else should be done?

What will be most effective in translating positive support into changes in behaviour?

What would work with Britain's motorists and what risk being counter-productive?

These are big and important questions for the future of motoring in

Twenty years of improvements

Types of cars