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Twenty years of improvements

Twenty years of improvements have transformed the cars we drive and delivered major benefits for Britain's motorists.

  1. We're driving much better cars today than in 1988. Put this alongside the fall in the real cost of buying a car and, in 2008 we're getting a lot more car for our money.
  2. The actual process of driving a car nowadays is much less demanding than 20 years ago - even though what happens outside the car frequently tempers our enthusiasm for the experience as a whole.
  3. The in-car environment is more comfortable and enjoyable. Whilst it's made the time we spend driving more pleasant, it's also led us to become 'cocooned' and more tolerant of congestion. We now accept journeys taking longer, so long as we've got our phone, someone to chat to, our music to listen to, and so on.

Together, these show how the relationship between Britain's motorists and their cars has changed and grown more complex in 20 years.

As they have become better and more commonplace, the way we think of cars has changed.

In 2008, they are not so much taken for granted as assumed as everyday necessities.

Is it sustainable