20% of young drivers 'in accidents'

One in five young drivers on the road has been involved in an accident, according to industry experts.

Nick Starling, chairman of the Association of British Insurers, also claimed that these accidents are driving up the cost of car insurance, with some crashes leading to claims of up to £20 million.

Speaking to the House of Commons Transport Committee, which has been investigating the spiralling cost of car insurance, Mr Starling accused the Coalition Government of ignoring a serious and mounting problem.

Motoring expert Neil Greg of the Institute of Advanced Motorists also spoke to the committee, saying that the cuts being imposed by councils on road safety far outstrip spending cuts being made elsewhere.

Commenting on Government policy, Mr Starling said: "This is a nettle which the Government has failed to grasp. They see the young driver merely as a voter.

"It's not unusual to have three or four people injured in a car crash who will need care for life."

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