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Compare The Market Breakdown Cover

Do you need breakdown cover? The chances are — if you drive a car regularly — that the answer to that question has to be a yes. Breakdown cover can be invaluable, for a motorist. A vehicle breakdown can happen at any time, and sometimes the most inconvenient of times, so if you have cover in place, you can drive with the peace of mind that comes with knowing assistance is just a phone call away.

If you don’t currently have breakdown cover but are beginning to look for a policy that suits your budget and your needs — there are several different types of cover — using a comparison service is a great way to make a start.

For motorists, there are a wide choice of breakdown cover providers, from well established names such as the RAC and AA, to lesser known companies. Using an online comparison service can really help. Within a few minutes you can get a list of quotes for breakdown cover from Compare The Market or other similar comparison sites, giving a view of a range of levels of cover.

Searching for breakdown cover

Typically, you’ll be asked just a few questions at the start of the quote stage. You’ll need to provide this information to get an accurate quote, so you should be ready to share the following:

Type of cover required

Including whether you need national cover, in the UK only, or European breakdown cover. You’ll also be asked whether you want personal cover — which gives breakdown cover for you, the policyholder, regardless of the vehicle you’re driving or are travelling in as a passenger — or vehicle cover. Vehicle-based cover means a specific vehicle will be insured in the event of a breakdown.

Personal details

You’ll need to disclose some basic and brief details about yourself — usually just name and date of birth.

Vehicle details

If you have selected vehicle-based breakdown cover membership, you’ll also need to provide details of the vehicle you want to be covered. This is usually simply the make and model, and the registration of the vehicle.

Getting your results for breakdown cover

When looking at breakdown cover on Compare The Market or other sites, you should be sent your results within a few minutes, which will be presented with a number of different details. The provider will be listed, of course — and there may be several included on there that you haven’t heard of before. You’ll need to think carefully about who to use as your breakdown cover provider.

Prices will be displayed as an annual premium  — the price you pay every year. There will also be details on the level of breakdown cover you chose at the beginning of the quote stage — in other words, if you asked for European cover to be included, that should be on there.

There may be other details, too. With Compare the Market, for example, any excess amount you need to pay (if any) in the result of a recovery is listed, as are the maximum number of callouts permitted with each provider.

The cheapest breakdown cover package may also just have a limited number of callouts — as low as one, in some cases — while another may have unlimited callouts. It’s your decision as to what may suit you better.

Is every breakdown cover provider on comparison sites?

If you’re exclusively using a comparison site to look for breakdown cover deals, then you should be aware that not every provider uses these sites. For example, you won’t find the RAC on Compare the Market — so the UK’s oldest and longest established breakdown cover provider isn’t on a comparison site.

Bear in mind, that you might be missing out on a great deal if you don’t compare the breakdown cover from the RAC with those presented from comparison sites.

Getting breakdown cover direct from the RAC

Remember, getting breakdown cover from a comparison website isn’t necessarily cheaper than going direct to the RAC. In fact, you might sometimes get a better deal from going direct, and, just like a comparison website, you can get a quote online in just a few minutes.

You’ll usually have the option of RAC breakdown cover  and there are a range of different levels of cover.

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