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StartRescue breakdown cover vs RAC

If you’re a driver, you really should have car breakdown cover, which can provide assistance if your vehicle runs into problems and needs fixing. The good news is that there are plenty of options when it comes to car breakdown insurance, which can be as cheap or comprehensive as you need.

The RAC is the UK’s most experienced breakdown cover, a fact we’re proud of. But we’re not the only company that provides a rescue and recovery service. So, how do we compare to StartRescue?


Comparing Breakdown Cover Reviews
Brand and Reliability
Level of breakdown cover

Comparing Breakdown Cover Reviews

A good place to start when researching breakdown cover providers is to look at reviews from existing customers, to see how they rate a particular company. There’s nothing more valuable than personal recommendation, from motorists who have experienced a car breakdown and called for rescue assistance.

Breakdown cover provider RAC StartRescue
Trust Pilot score (out of 10) 7.7* 6.6**

* based on 22,646 reviews, data on 03/01/2019

** based on 242 reviews, data on 03/01/2019

Brand and Reliability


The RAC has been coming to the rescue of UK motorists for over 120 years. Our patrols have a proud record of fixing four out of five cars at the roadside in an average of such 30 minutes.

Our members give us very positive feedback - 92% of them tell us they would recommend RAC breakdown cover to their family and friends.

RAC Breakdown Cover was awarded a 5-Star rating by Defaqto in 2018.

StartRescue say they repair 80% of vehicles at the roadside, and that 96% of their customers would recommend them.

StartRescue was awarded a 2-Star rating by Defaqto in 2018.

Level of breakdown cover

What does each level of breakdown cover actually mean? Both the RAC and StartRescue have a range of cover options. Here’s what each actually provides.



Included as standard cover, if your vehicle breaks down over ¼ mile from home, the RAC will come out to you and assist at the roadside.


If your vehicle can’t be fixed at the roadside, driver and up to 8 passengers will be taken anywhere in the UK.

At Home

The RAC will come to you if you break down within ¼ mile of your home.

Onward Travel

This means you’ll get a hire car, up tp £300 towards to cost of alternative transport or hotel accommodation to get you home or to a destination of your choice.


Roadside Assistance/Recovery

Cover for breakdowns over 1 mile from home.

Nationwide Recovery

The vehicle, driver and up to six passengers will be taken to a garage, home or original destination - which is closest.


You’ll be covered for a breakdown at home or within 1 mile of it.

Alternative Transport

If the vehicle can’t be fixed, £100 towards the cost of alternative transport.


RAC Source - Terms and Conditions
Start Rescue  - Terms and Condtions as of 06/09/2018

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