The ultimate Halloween driving survival guide

The ultimate Halloween driving survival guide
Windows filling with pumpkins and skeletons can only mean one thing — it’s Halloween again, the time of year when people get together to eat, drink and be scary.

But whether you’re out driving or simply staying at home and sticking on a horror movie, Halloween can quickly turn into a nightmare for motorists.

To make sure you don’t get tricked this year, treat yourself to our Ultimate Halloween Survival Guide.

Guide contents:

Drive fiendishly slowly

It ghost without saying you should always stick to the speed limit. On most residential streets the limit is 30mph, but an increasing number have a limit of 20mph so make sure you check all signs.

On Halloween, streets will be particularly busy with trick-or-treaters so drop your speed even lower than normal to stay safe. This will give you more time to react should a little vampire or werewolf run out in front of your car.

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Look out for children

Halloween means there’ll be a lot of children out and about getting all wrapped up in the festivities. Many won’t be used to being out after dark either — a dangerous mix.

To stay safe, be extra careful to watch out for children and remember most will be wearing costumes that’ll make them hard to spot, so keep your windows clean and clear, and make sure your headlights are working properly.

Take care when driving down streets with a lot of parked cars as children can be unsighted behind vehicles, and be extra vigilant when approaching junctions and crossings where the little monsters might congregate.

Don’t get distracted

With all those pumpkins, pedestrians and parties, Halloween can be a distracting time for anyone. But when you’re behind the wheel these distractions can turn deadly so make sure you keep your wit(che)s about you.

If you’re entering a busy street, turn your music down to help you listen out for children and other revellers. Don’t let yourself get distracted by any passing trick or treaters behind the wheel and keep your eyes on the road at all times.

This might seem like obvious stuff, but costumes are getting crazy nowadays, so even if you spot a bunch of Autobots transforming on the pavement, try not to rubberneck.

Keep your car out of the way

If you’re worried about your car becoming damaged or pranked this Halloween, then why not lock it in the garage or keep it on the driveway for the night? Make sure your driveway is well lit by fixing a motion-sensor security light to deter any would-be vandals.

If you don’t have a garage or driveway, make sure you park your car somewhere well-lit and overlooked by either yourself or neighbours. It’s also a good idea to make sure your car alarm is fully functional to give you extra peace of mind.

Take any valuables out of your car

Experts warn against leaving any valuables visible in your car, but the only way to entirely protect yourself is to remove your belongings completely, and that includes from your boo-t too.

Unfortunately, some criminals use the cover of Halloween festivities to target unsuspecting motorists, so stay one step ahead of these would-be thieves and take any valuables out of your car beforehand.

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Watch out for pranks

Halloween driving survival guide egg

If your car falls victim to a Halloween prank it can be more than just irritating — it can cost you thousands and quickly turn your celebration into a Nightmare on Elm Street (if you live on Elm Street, that is).

One way to try and avoid being the victim of a prank is to keep your treats about you — so stock up on sweets and chocolate and don’t give would-be vandals any excuse to prank you or your car.

But sometimes there’s nothing you can do to stop your car being the victim of a prank, whether it’s getting covered in eggs, shaving foam or silly string. To help you out, here are some tips on what to do if your motor gets pranked.

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How do I get egg off a car?

The best thing you can do if your car gets egged is to clean it up as soon as possible, so the egg doesn’t have time to dry onto the paintwork, which could cause problems later on.

First off, carefully remove by hand all pieces of egg shell that are stuck to the car, no matter how small the fragments are. This is really important because washing the vehicle with egg shells still on it can cause scratching.

Once all the shell pieces have been removed, clean off as much of the egg as you can by using a towel and warm soapy water. Stick to washing up liquid, as industrial soaps can be harsh on paint and make the problem worse.

Make sure you use a microfibre towel or something similar when wiping down the bodywork because even though it will make the job take longer, anything more abrasive than this could scratch your paint.

Some people recommend using brake cleaner or car wax but read the manufacturer’s instructions before using these products. If the egg can’t be removed take it into your local garage and see if the professionals can help.

How do I get shaving foam off a car?

Shaving foam can permanently discolour your paintwork, so to avoid any lasting damage it’s always best to tackle the problem straight away.

The most important thing to do is to get the shaving foam wet, so grab a bucket of warm water or a hose (ideally one where you can adjust the pressure) and wash the car thoroughly to try and get off as much foam as possible.

Once that’s done, a gentle once-over with an all-in-one wash should do the job at clearing remaining foam, but use a microfibre cloth and keep the surface constantly wet just in case there’s any leftover foam to contend with.

How do I get silly string off a car?

Silly string might seem like a fun idea at the time but ask anyone who’s had to deal with cleaning up the mess afterwards and they’ll tell you what a nightmare it can be to get off surfaces.

Try not to let silly string dry because when it does it can become seriously difficult to get off. If the string is still wet, then warm soapy water should be enough, although be careful of residue if the string smears across the paintwork.

If the string has dried, use a power washer or garden hose and blast away most of the gunk from your car. After that, use warm soapy water and get scrubbing with your microfibre towel, although the nature of silly string means that some discolouration is possible even after cleaning.

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