Motorists 'ignoring speed limits'

A number of drivers are risking their life as well as those of others by ignoring speed limits in the snow, a senior traffic officer has said.

Continuous snowfall has led to hazardous road conditions in several parts of the UK, with forecasters warning motorists are likely to face further disruption in coming days.

According to Inspector Ed Turner, some drivers are not paying attention to the temporary speed limits on many main roads.

This could put their life into danger as well as result in an increase in the number ofcar insurance claims.

Mr Turner, of Durham Police's Road Policing Unit, said: "You can see that conditions today for drivers are particularly poor.

"Overall I would praise the majority of motorists who have driven within the condition of the weather and the capabilities of their vehicles.

"But there are people who driving too fast, too close and not giving themselves enough time to stop.

"There is more snow forecast, the temperature is going to drop tonight and people will need more time for their journey, and if necessary don't make that journey."

Urging drivers to be extra careful during the wintry conditions, he said: "People need to be prepared that these are the conditions that we are facing in our winters.

"Drivers need to make sure their vehicles are road-worthy, they have supplies in their car and their mobile phone, and they know exactly where they are going and that the roads are clear."

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