Campaign aims to crack down on Britain’s one million uninsured drivers

Campaign aims to crack down on Britain’s one million uninsured drivers
A campaign has been launched to clamp down on uninsured drivers as figures reveal they are involved in a potentially fatal accident with alarming regularity.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) has released a new video, called Protection, aimed at raising awareness of the fact that motor insurance is a legal requirement.

Statistics put together by the not-for-profit group have also shown that every three days someone is involved in an accident with an uninsured or “hit-and-run” driver which will ultimately lead to a fatality.

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According to the group, which settles around 120 claims involving a fatality caused by a driver without insurance or who fled the scene, the findings highlight the impact of the problem.

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Ashton West OBE, MIB chief executive, said: “We are aiming this new awareness campaign at motorists who are driving without insurance.

“The video brings to light the importance of protection when it comes to car insurance. We think this is something that everyone will understand. We want people to talk about this and encourage anyone they know who is driving without insurance, to change their behaviour.”

The MIB says that there are around one million drivers using the UK’s road network without the proper cover, despite the dangers that are involved.

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These motorists are risking a number of penalties, including the seizure of their vehicle by police, a total of six points on their licence and a £300 fixed penalty fine.

The new video forms part of the MIB’s Gone In 60 Seconds campaign, which was launched last year to draw attention to the role the police can play in seizing and crushing uninsured cars.

Since police were granted the power to take this action in 2005, it is thought that the levels of uninsured driving have reduced significantly.

But it is thought that factors such as the perceived high cost of insurance means the issue still remains a problem.

The campaign launch follows moves by the Government to crack down on drivers illegally using mobile phones behind the wheel by introducing tougher penalties.

Under the new proposals, drivers caught using their phones will receive a minimum fine of £200 and at least six penalty points.

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