What's covered?

Comprehensive Car Insurance Plus
Defaqto Five Star Rating
Standard Comprehensive Car Insurance Third-Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance
60 days EU cover
(at the same level as in the UK)
Uninsured driver promise      
Vandalism promise      
Courtesy car as standard (subject to availability and eligibility)      
Repairs guaranteed
(for 3 years at approved garages)
Personal accident benefit £10,000 £5,000  
Medical Expenses Up to £250 Up to £100  
Personal belongings Up to £250 Up to £150  
Transfer Home or Hotel Stay after an accident~      
Child seat cover      
Window Glass Cover      
Emergency Treatment      
Replacement locks      
Cover for Accessories      
Sound and Sat-nav equipment £1000
Or Unlimited if manufacturer-fitted
Or Unlimited if manufacturer-fitted
Or Unlimited if manufacturer-fitted
New car benefit      

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Extend your cover with our range of optional extras – including Guaranteed Replacement Car, Keycare and Breakdown Cover.

If you need to insure your vehicle for a short period of time, the RAC’s temporary car insurance option is perfect for you. Get cover for your car from one hour to 30 days.

Short term car insurance from 1 hour to 30 days.


RAC Learner Driver Insurance offers flexible, short term cover whilst you gain experience behind the wheel. Buy comprehensive cover online 24/7.


A new kind of car insurance for lower mileage drivers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for a courtesy car after accident?

If you have a free courtesy car as part of your insurance, then your insurer will pay the cost (if the accident wasn’t your fault, they may try to recover this money from the other driver’s insurer). If you’re not covered for a courtesy car and you’re in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you might still be able to claim one from the other driver’s insurer.

Does my car insurance cover me for personal injury?

Not all car insurance covers personal injury – you should check your policy. If you’re injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you should be able to claim on the other driver’s insurance.

RAC Comprehensive and Comprehensive Plus Car Insurance covers you for personal injury, but Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance doesn’t.

Can I claim directly from third party insurance?

Third party insurance only covers you for damage and injury caused to someone you’re in a collision with. So if you’re in an accident, you should claim from the other driver’s insurance.

What is the difference between personal accident cover and personal injury cover?

Personal injury cover and personal accident cover are two terms for the same thing – an addon that covers you for the consequences of getting hurt in an accident. For example, compensation if you can’t work after an injury. You’ll get the money whether the accident is your fault or not.