VW to release raft of electric-powered vehicles by 2025

Volkswagen has announced plans to develop a number of new electric vehicles that could hit the road by 2025.

The electric campaign is part of new proposals branded the “Together - Strategy 2025” plan, which runs inline with last month's news that the number of UK motorists driving electric cars has soared by 120% over the last year.

More than 30 electric-powered vehicles could be introduced, with the company predicting to sell between two and three million a year.

As part of the plans, there will be a new focus on developing digital mobility.

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This could include car- or ride-sharing apps that could rival companies such as Uber.

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The announcements were made in the wake of an internal inquiry following the emissions scandal uncovered last year.

After the scandal Volkswagen announced that it would channel its energies into green initiatives like electric vehicles and car-sharing services - promises that now seem to be coming to fruition, beginning with this new strategy.

The company is also seeking to make its management more open and to increase profitability.

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Chief executive Matthias Mueller unveiled the plans at a news conference at the company’s Autostadt visitor centre.

Speaking at the centre, which is next door to its headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, Mr Mueller said: “Our most important currency is trust.”

Mr Mueller said the company would need more electric vehicles to meet increasingly tight government limits on emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

He said, however, that the company would keep a major focus on developing and selling internal combustion engines.

 The business is also setting its sights on boosting profitability, with plans in place to increase operating profit margins from the current 6% to 7-8% by 2025.

 Earlier this year, Volkswagen announced proposals for a new set of cleaner engines to replace the current 1.6-litre and 1.4-litre motors.

 These 1.5-litre replacement engines, aimed at meeting tougher emissions standards, were to be debuted in the upgraded Mk7 Golf by the end of 2016.

 A survey carried out by the RAC after the emissions scandal found the revelations had damaged motorists’ trust in vehicle manufacturers’ environmental claims.

 Six in 10 drivers said they had experienced a loss of confidence in auto-makers following the scandal.

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