EV Energy Tariff

If you buy an electric car, you could end up paying more than you need to by sticking with the same home electricity tariff. We’ve teamed up with British Gas to create an electricity tariff that saves you money, with cheaper overnight charging for your electric car.

Why use our electric car tariff?

Save money

We make it cheaper for you to charge your electric car, with off-peak charging between 12am - 5am.

Price fix

We’re even offering to fix your prices until 30th September 2023, giving you full control of your costs and making it more affordable to run your EV.

Help the environment

You can feel even better about doing your bit for the planet. We’ll match 100% of the electricity you use, buying electricity from renewable sources.

See how time of day affects charging costs

With electricity tariffs, you always pay a standing charge (a fixed daily cost covering infrastructure costs), plus consumption rates on top. With our electricity tariff, your consumption rate will vary based on the time of day. So you can benefit from lower off-peak rates when you charge your electric car at night.

Standing charge

Peak rate

5:01am – 11:59pm

Off-peak rate

12am – 5am




Prices quoted are inclusive of VAT.

How RAC Recharge works

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Answering your questions on electricity tariffs

Q. Am I eligible for the RAC Electricity Tariff?

The best way to find out is to get in touch with us by calling 0333 009 5757†. It isn't available for Economy 7 energy customers, or for customers in Northern Ireland.

Q. Do I have to get a British Gas smart meter installed?

To use our EV tariff, you’ll need a British Gas smart meter installed, so we can make sure you’re charged less during off-peak times.

Q. Can you use a smart meter installed by another supplier?

If you have smart meters installed by another supplier, we may not be able to operate the meter as a smart meter. But a British Gas engineer will install a British Gas electricity smart meter for you, free of charge.

Q. Are there exit fees if I want to change tariff?

There are no exit fees with this EV tariff, meaning that you can switch to another supplier whenever you like.

Q. Can I take this tariff with me if I move home?

We’re unable to continue the same electricity tariff if you move home.

Q. Does this EV tariff work with solar panels?

Yes, we can fit smart meters if you have solar panels and micro generation equipment at home.