Dash cam use abroad could mean fines or jail

Dash cam use abroad could mean fines or jail
Dash cams are growing in popularity in the UK as drivers look to capture evidence of dangerous motoring and protect against “cash for crash” insurance scams.

But did you know that many countries in Europe either prohibit or severely restrict dash cam use?

And in some cases Britons using dash cams abroad face a substantial fine, or even a jail sentence, if they land on the wrong side of the law.

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Here in the UK, it’s legal to film public roads using the popular recording devices, and footage can be also shared.

But owners of dash cams need to be aware that the captured footage can also be used against them. For example, if police officers pull over a vehicle for a suspected motoring offence such as speeding, they can ask the driver to hand over his or her dash cam footage for review.

On the continent, rules around dash cam use vary markedly, and it’s important to learn the local regulations before you visit each country.

Some European countries – including Spain, Italy, Malta and the Netherlands – allow dash cams to be used without restrictions.

But in others – such as France and Belgium – dash cams are restricted to “private use” only. In France, recorded evidence must only be sent directly to the police.

In Germany, it’s illegal to upload dash cam footage to social media unless faces and car number plates have been obscured.

And in a few countries – such as Austria and Portugal – dash cam use is completely banned.

Repeat offenders in Austria face eye-watering five-figure fines.

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The message therefore is to make sure you obey the law on dash cam use in whichever country you’re driving in.

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