How to check and prepare your car for the annual MOT test

Once your new car hits three years of age, it is obliged to undergo an annual test to assess its roadworthiness by the Ministry of Transport. This is commonly known as the ‘MoT test’ and is something that strikes fear into many car owners.

Keeping a car in check can be difficult and, although you might not think it, over 12 months things can easily slip out of official tolerance levels. So, it’s best not to stick your head in the sand here.

Keeping on top of your car’s maintenance and conducting a preliminary check into the state of your vehicle before its MoT can save you both money and potentially time off the road. Luckily, help is at hand to guide you.

The RAC’s book, Pass the MoT Test! (How to check and prepare your car for the annual MoT test) has been fully revised to include changes to the vehicle examination introduced in January 2012.

The informative guide runs car owners through every stage of the test step-by-step and provides clear details on what the tester is looking for, allowing you to get a head start.

It also outlines how to check important components for wear and tear yourself, including tips and advice on the best way to rectify any faults you find so you car passes with flying colours.

All this info can help you avoid the expensive and inconvenient time and financial penalties of failing the MoT.

There are plenty of clear colour photographs and illustrations to help you understand essential points, as well as details on how to choose your MoT testing centre, the paperwork involved and how to appeal if you think your car has been failed unduly.

If your car is due its statutory examination anytime soon, the RAC’s latest book is a must-have to ensure your vehicle is up to scratch. For less than £10 it could save you a significant amount more in expensive retest fees and time without a car.