Driving abroad? Be prepared, take out European Breakdown cover

Driving abroad? Be prepared, take out European Breakdown cover

Driving abroad might seem like a great way to save money. After all, you can make significant savings by opting to drive to Europe rather than shelling out on airfares, airport taxes, baggage handling fees and airport car parking charges.

However, failing to ensure you have European breakdown cover in place could mean that your holiday on a shoestring ends up breaking the bank.

If you are planning to take your car across the channel and holiday in mainland Europe, it is important to be prepared and check your breakdown cover. Never assume your vehicle has the same level of breakdown cover abroad as it does at home.

You need to carefully review your policy before you set off and check that it covers roadside assistance, recovery and repatriation, whether you break down or crash.

If you don’t have adequate cover for your driving holiday, you need to ensure you either increase your existing policy or take out standalone European breakdown cover to avoid unnecessary stress and significant additional expense.

European breakdown cover

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While you may enjoy fully comprehensive breakdown cover in the UK, your cover abroad may be restricted to the bare minimum for that country, which could result in you left stranded in the event of a breakdown.

The costs of repair and recovery can be much higher in Europe and car parts are often more expensive too, particularly if they are different for right and left-handed drive cars. And, if you are involved in an accident, it is much more complicated overseas than at home where your insurer arranges for the car to be taken to a garage and repaired.

Crashing abroad may involve you having to make your own repair and recovery arrangements – difficult and extremely stressful if you don’t know the area and can’t speak the language.

Without adequate breakdown cover, you could end up counting the cost with a long list of expenses to add to your final holiday bill.

So do check the level of cover that you have before you set off.

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