European fuel prices – Petrol and diesel prices in Europe

European fuel prices – Petrol and diesel prices in Europe
Planning a trip to the continent? Are you travelling with the family to France, or making a trip to see family in Italy? Make sure you find out how much you can expect to pay at the pumps.

The chart below is updated regularly and shows the average price of a litre of unleaded petrol and diesel across each EU member state, plus the UK.

Data and insight into UK petrol and diesel prices is also available, via RAC Fuel Watch.

Fuel price comparison across Europe

How much of what I pay on fuel is tax?

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How have petrol and diesel prices in Europe changed?

Petrol and diesel prices in France vs UK

Fuel prices in France are lower than in the UK at the moment. The amount you pay there is around 19p per litre cheaper. Usually prices are very similar, and from mid 2020 to mid 2021, petrol and diesel were actually cheaper in the UK, but as of June 2022, it's now more expensive here.

RAC Fuel Watch

The latest UK fuel prices, courtesy of RAC Fuel Watch is also available, as is a guide to understanding how prices are calculated.

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