Speeding fines reach 4 year high

Speeding fines reach 4 year high

High-tech speed cameras are increasing the chances of motorists being caught for driving too fast, new figures suggest.

A new four-year-high of over 115,000 drivers in Wales and England were fined £100 or more in 2013, latest Ministry of Justice (MoJ) data shows.

Many of these drivers have also had points added to their licence, as well as a likely rise in their car insurance premiums.

This is the highest number since the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition set up Government and coincides with new-tech, digitally-operated speed cameras being rolled out.

Unlike the old film cameras, the new digital cameras can take photographs around the clock.

Essex motorists noticed the biggest hike in the amount of fines issued.

These jumped 44% across 2013, while Somerset and Avon drivers saw a climb of 34%.

They were among eight police areas where speeding fines increased by about a quarter. Hampshire, Staffordshire, Gwent and Lancashire also saw sharp rises.

One motoring group said, however, that there is scant evidence that these cameras result in fewer road accidents.

The Association of British Drivers called tickets for driving too fast as a modern-day "cash cow".

Since 2010, magistrates have issued 452,540 such fines, worth a total of over £45million to the Treasury.

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