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with minibus breakdown cover from the RAC
  • Pay monthly from £25 per vehicle^ – exclusive to the RAC
  • Our patrols fix 4 out of 5 breakdowns on the spot
  • We'll take you, your vehicle and passengers to a single destination in the UK.
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^£25 a month per vehicle, Roadside, Recovery & At Home and Onward Travel cover.

Minibus Breakdown Cover

Minibus breakdown cover includes all the benefits of Business Breakdown Cover, but with Onward Travel included as standard, ensuring that you can get your passengers where they need to go.

Minibus breakdown cover benefits:

  • Onward Travel is included in our specialist minibus cover as standard
  • We’ll keep your minibus on the move after a puncture or flat tyre with our Universal Spare Wheel
  • Get FREE access to our online vehicle management tool Business Club

Keeping your minibus on the road

Minibus firms, like other taxi and chauffeur businesses, rely especially heavily on having reliable, practical vehicles – it’s not just part of the business, it is the business. But just as a commercial vehicle could break down unexpectedly, so too could a minibus. The difference, however, is that it can be up to 16 people affected. And in many cases, the inconvenience could be not reaching an important event on time or missing out on a special occasion all-together.

Small business owners or fleet managers need business breakdown cover that can ideally fix a minibus at the side of the road and get them back on the road quickly. This isn’t always possible. So it’s important to choose a recovery service that includes both roadside and at home recovery and appropriate replacement hire vehicles for all passengers, onward travel via the right public transport or the option to stay in a hotel without extra cost to the company.

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