Council speed cameras 'unlawful'

Manchester City Council has been unlawfully prosecuting motorists based on evidence from surveillance cameras, according celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman.

Known as 'Mr Loophole' for his success in getting people off motoring offences, he says that four cameras in the city centre and university district are used to "illegally raise revenue".

He says: "It is totally unlawful for the council to raise revenue by using public-surveillance cameras for non-specified purposes."

Mr Freeman believes the council should be prosecuted if it is proved it broke the law, and that it would face a "financial nightmare" if forced to reimburse drivers penalised by evidence from the cameras.

The lawyer, who patented his nickname after defending celebrities including Wayne Rooney and David Beckham, says the traffic-monitoring cameras are not designated as speed or enforcement cameras.

But says Martin Lee, the council's head of street management: "All our cameras are fully compliant with the relevant road traffic legislation and meet our obligations under the Data Protection Act and are not being used unlawfully."

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