Safe Driving In Fog

Safe Driving In Fog
Reduced visibility can be extremely dangerous. Taking precautions and knowing what to do when on the road can help reduce risk.
Fog dramatically reduces visibility, meaning motorists must reduce their speeds significantly to ensure the roads are safe for both themselves and other users.

Fog lights

The Highway Code states that headlights must be used when visibility is less than 100 metres – roughly the length of a football pitch. Those needing to travel are advised to take extra care and ensure their lights (particularly fog lights) are in good working order before setting off. Drivers should also carry a mobile phone with a fully-charged battery and car adaptor if available (together with contact numbers if not already stored on the phone), and should ensure that their fuel tank is full, as using lights and heating can use a lot more fuel than usual.

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The following tips should always be followed when driving in fog:

  • Make sure you know how to operate your front and rear fog lights before setting off. Don’t confuse these with your ‘full-beam’ setting (see below)
  • Headlights should be dipped at all times. Motorists whose vehicles have automatic headlight systems that are activated by low light levels should remember to make sure their lights are switched on manually as they may not be automatically activated in foggy conditions. Similarly, drivers whose vehicles have daytime running lights should ensure rear lights are switched on as most vehicles with this feature only illuminate the front lights
  • Follow the ‘two-second rule’ to leave sufficient space between you and the car in front
  • Don’t attempt to navigate using the car in front’s tail lights, as this could lead you to getting too close to them and not leave sufficient stopping distance
  • If visibility is very limited, wind down your windows at junctions and crossroads to allow you to listen out for approaching traffic. If you really cannot see, you should consider stopping until it is safe to continue
  • Remember to turn your fog lights off as soon as conditions improve
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