Unfair speeding fines? Motorists question 'snap happy' speed camera accuracy

Unfair speeding fines? Motorists question 'snap happy' speed camera accuracy
Motorists in a small Lincolnshire village claim they’re the victims of a ‘snap-happy’ speed camera.

More than 20 drivers say they’ve been hit with speeding fines by the camera on the A153 in Anwick, near Sleaford, despite driving under the limit.

This has prompted some to question the camera’s accuracy. However, authorities have hit back by insisting there’s nothing wrong with the device.

According to media outlet Lincolnshire Live, 21 motorists have complained about the camera, claiming they’ve been wrongly caught speeding.

One of these motorists, Kirsteen Farley, said: “I too have been issued with a fine and when I contacted Lincolnshire police they said the camera was not faulty.

She added: “I know I was not going over the 30-speed limit but can't prove it...so not risking going to magistrate. I do begrudge paying £100 and having 3 points when I know I wasn't speeding.”

Another driver, Ken Hawkins, also received a ticket which claimed he was caught going at 35mph in the 30mph zone.

He said: “I was very aware of the camera as I travel that route quite often. I was very shocked as I have been a road user since the age of 16 – I’m now 57 years old and have never had a fine before.”

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In response to these claims, officials from the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership have maintained that the camera is working properly.

The Partnership’s John Siddle said that while he couldn’t comment on individual cases, he could assure the public that the camera is a ‘Home Office-type approved device.’

In a recent article, the RAC lifted the lid on the so-called leniency of speed cameras across the UK, and how much leeway motorists were allowed in each region.

The vast majority of fixed speed cameras in the UK are activated by motorists going 10% above the speed limit plus 2mph, meaning a driver would get ticketed for going 35mph in a 30mph zone.

However, regardless of snap-happy or lenient speed cameras, the safest bet is always to ensure you’re following to the speed limit at all times.

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