Know-how: checking tyre pressure

Know-how: checking tyre pressure
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Introduction – why and how

Consult the owner’s handbook or tyre details label on the vehicle for the correct tyre pressures

Unscrew the valve dust cap from the tyre valve

Place the tyre pressure gauge onto the tyre valve stem. Firmly press the gauge down evenly on the valve stem

Check the tyre pressure reading on the gauge

If the tyres require inflating add air using a suitable inflator. It is extremely important not to over-inflate the tyres. This can be avoided by adding small amounts air between pressure checks using the gauge

Repeat this for all tyres including the spare wheel (if fitted)

Once the tyres are inflated to the correct pressure, replace the valve dust cap

Do not over-tighten. Valve dust caps prevent dirt entering and damaging the valve

Tyre pressures should be checked weekly and when tyres are cold. Warm or hot tyres may give incorrect pressure readings

If you're unsure of how to check your car's tyre pressure then watch our quick and informative video on how to check, below.

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