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Stolen Car Check

A stolen car check provides the necessary information you need to ensure the vehicle you are intending to buy has not been stolen. Unless the seller is particularly suspicious during the sale, it is unlikely that you will be curious as to whether the car you are about to buy is stolen or not. Like other stolen goods, a stolen car will in all likelihood appear to be perfectly legitimate. If they find their cars, the original owners are well within their rights to reclaim them, whether you knew the car had been stolen or not. This will leave you both out of pocket and without a car, where your only course of action would be to take legal action against the seller to get your money back. With an RAC Vehicle History Check you can perform a stolen car check and stop this from happening to you.


How to avoid buying a stolen vehicle
Avoiding Scams

How to avoid buying a stolen vehicle

When it comes to stolen cars, the burden of responsibility is always on the buyer to make the necessary checks beforehand to ensure the prospective vehicle has not been stolen. No matter if it was bought in all honesty, the police will still seize the vehicle, and lenders can still demand payment if it had been on a finance scheme.

When buying a car there are a number of things you can do as a precaution:

  • Check the documents are real – Always ask for the original copy of the V5C registration document and look for the DVLA watermark. You should also ensure the V5C document is legitimate by checking the issue date and serial number.
  • Check the documents match – Always ensure the MOT docs and service history match the V5C details. You should also check the registration number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) match those recorded on the V5C.
  • Check the seller is genuine – Ensure the seller’s address on the V5C matches their driving license, passport or bill.

To fully guarantee that the car has not been stolen, and to receive a full report of the car you’re looking at, you should purchase an RAC Vehicle Check for just £14.99 as it could save you a lot of hassle!

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Avoiding Scams

A virtual vehicle scam is when a fake shipping website claims to handle your car transaction. This is more common when buying a car abroad, but it can happen in the UK. When expressing an interest in a particular car, you would then be directed to a fake page to transfer funds and supposedly “buy your car”.

Tips on how to prevent a virtual vehicle scam:

  • If you haven’t seen the vehicle in real life, do not hand over the money.
  • It’s recommended by the Metropolitan Police that you only send money online if you know and trust the person you are sending it to, particularly for larger purchases like a car.
  • Get a car history check, like the RAC Vehicle Check, to receive a full, comprehensive report of the car’s history including its location, number of previous drivers and legitimacy.
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